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Red Alert 3

allied air rush

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# 1IhaveNoKeyboard Jan 28 2012, 22:25 PM
not well executed because im noob but do u think this better than mcv sell without ref because u can go to cyro l8er?, or will gd players easily counter?
BO: rax -> engi -> sell rax -> pp -> ref -> AF -> AF -> pp -> MCV sell -> get other oil

then I build 2 apollo but can do with 1

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# 2Destructo Jan 29 2012, 13:01 PM
I've not watched the replay yet, I think you'll have trouble getting that second oil you'd need a way to transport the Engineer. Unless you drive the MCV to the oil and sell right next to it, but then you have a massive wait for that cash.

Also, draining 2k building the ref makes me think it'll take you a while to get all 8 air units which can cost you the game.

I'll check the replay later to see how you pulled it off tongue.gif

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# 3o-80 Jan 31 2012, 22:07 PM
But how are you going to protect your engy with one pk? what if it is a bear. This imo works only with a v a and a v e. I agree with destructo sounds very cheesy

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# 4IhaveNoKeyboard Feb 1 2012, 10:50 AM
yes I tried it few times and learnt it only works A vs E on small maps and you must wall all buildings to counter iw spam, apart from that its quite successful even if you dont get second oil, yea its cheasy but slightly less than the double airfield mcv sell smile.gif

btw im mid on a good day so haven't tried against high level emp

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# 5lordpeter3 Feb 3 2012, 23:43 PM
you should better go pp airfield, arifield, mcv sell near oil like explained in my guide here.

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