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# 1TehPwnGaming Jan 31 2012, 07:35 AM
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Hey nerdballers,

We are looking for players of all races and skill levels to join us Tuesday January 31st at 6pm CST for our Teh Pwn Gaming Weekly Swiss Tournament. Signup and details are available on our weekly tournament page. Players are asked to sign up by 5pm CST to allow time for us to prepare everything by 6pm. Players must report to the "teh pwn gaming" SC2 channel by 5:50.

The direct link to the signup form is here.

Tournament Specifics:
Click here to find our map pool. This is a Swiss-system tournament, and format details are available on the Rules Page. The tournament will consist of four rounds, and each participant will play four matches against four unique opponents. Each match will be two games long. This is an experimental format that allows players to win, lose, or tie in each match. After these matches, the top two players will face each other in a best-of-five championship match.

Our commentated live stream will begin on Twitch.TV/TehPwnGaming promptly at 6pm. There will be many matches running at once, so we'll be covering the matches that look the most high-level, close, or otherwise exciting. We also occasionally ask for stream input on which match viewers would like to see. The tournament will run for about three hours, but may stretch in the event of a very long series.

The winner of this tournament will receive a case of NOS Charged Citrus from our sponsor NOS Energy Drink. The winner can claim the prize at any Teh Pwn Gaming event including the upcoming Midwest Meltdown. Eventually, we would like to get a larger prize, but we can only do this if enough players show up every week, so encourage your friends to join us, too!

So please join us and help make this tournament a WEEKLY AWESOME FEST!

Teh Pwn Gaming

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