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Hi everyone :]

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# 1Maverick_SU Jan 31 2012, 20:54 PM
So, I just wanted to say hi to everybody on this forum. I'm 18 year old player from Poland. I've been playing Company of Heroes quite a bit, mostly in co-op mode and on Blitzkrieg mod. I eventually decided to sign up here to improve my knowledge about tactics, gameplay and such. Greets, everyone smile.gif.

I also got this little question. You generally post only replays from games in "Company of Heroes Commentaries, Shoutcasts, and VoDs", right? If I, theoretically, wanted to publish something more like music videos, created by me from replays, should I put it there or somewhere else?

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# 2djw2104 Jan 31 2012, 21:32 PM
Hi and welcome to the community. I hope that you enjoy your time here.

About your music videos? If they are, as you state, related to CoH I would initially suggest in the General Discussion section although they might be moved to the Mess Hall.

I will try and find out from another staff member for you. I am sorry that I can't be more specific at this moment in time.

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