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Tourney XXIII Broadcast Shows Set for Sunday and Monday Night, Feb 5 & 6

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# 1AmiPolizeiFunk Feb 2 2012, 17:03 PM
"We're going to win on Sunday. I guarantee it."
—Jets QB Joe Namath, before Super Bowl III

Could DevM make such a claim? When we asked him if he could beat SiberianPlatoon before his SNF Title Fight, he replied confidently, "I know I can." But can he be so confident about victory, going into Official GameReplays.org 1v1 Tournament XXIII, with over 100 players? That would be a tall order. DevM is the #1 seed. The rest of the registered players list reads like a bunch of heavy front linemen ready to bust through any obstacle. Can the Soldiers of Liberty team, led by their strong secondary comprised of SiberianPlatoon and KoreanArmy, get their revenge and pick off a pass? Will the rest of the Insane Team, led by quarterback Aimstrong, running back Seb, and wide receiver *giggle* Contador, be able to snatch the MVP trophy from their team-mate's clutches? Or will a dark horse emerge from the foggy pitch to surprise us all? It's Super Bowl Sunday folkes, and the real pre-game show will be streamed on GameReplaysCoH!

IPB Image

Before you put on your football helmet, put on your soldier's helmet! Both XXIII live shows can be found on:

or embedded here on GameReplays.org:

Tournament XXIII Semi-Finals Broadcast Show

Commentated by Tommy952, Sandland. AngryRhino, & FatalSaint. Camera by Sandland.
Sunday, February 5th, at 8PM GMT

The Best-of-5 conclusion of this sure-to-be spectacular event, can be found the following night:

Tournament XXIII Finals Broadcast Show

Commentated by AmiPolizeiFunk & 12azor. Camera by PezReborn.
Monday, February 6th, at 8PM GMT

Don't miss the kick-off! Don't miss a single play! Don't miss a single tackle!

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