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Generals 2

Dackel's Blog: What would make Generals 2 a worthy sequel?

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# 41triumph Apr 15 2012, 04:24 AM
Given direction armor, hard points, and a multitude of armor and damage types a lot can be done to represent modern war.

You could just have additional soft counters, short sight detection, a representation of visual vs radar detection, and a difference between missile weapons, dumb fire and bullet/small arms type weapons which brings us into a bit of physics micro play.

What makes more sense in this games setting?
Magic mana battery or a group of rebels or angry mob shooting up at a low flying aircraft that is just above them.

Apply hard point or directional armor and avoiding or dancing around enemy fire becomes the tactical response. Large AP hits the tail or rear armor, you go down quickly or lose something like turn or overall speed. Keep the nose pointed at the enemy and you can continue firing but the likely hood of being hit by missiles increases if you exit slowly. Upgrades can control damage output to hard points or increase damage against certain areas of the unit than others, such as that tail rotor.

Also we don't need a copy of the banshee when the banshee is a copy of the comanchee and is boring. And personally I'm getting tired of light-switch gaming.

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