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Help with map control on Defcon 6

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# 1Deformed Pigeon Feb 3 2012, 14:42 PM
I need to find out how to get map control (control of the center supplies and oil refinery) on this map for 3v3 Noob rules. i mainly play as GLA demo but i can also play as the other GLA's and China Nuke.

i usually win on here but always struggle to keep the middle at the start. normally i try to go for better economy with SC/Pal/BM's quickly but this means im weaker at start. would it be worth losing all that $ to get a bit more map control?


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# 2MrX Feb 3 2012, 16:11 PM
Well I only play rush games. I would say take your oil first and then attack the middle with a bigger army. Then you can make supplys there also.

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