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# 1Asmon Feb 4 2012, 06:40 AM
GameReplays is proud to announce to the Dawn of War 2: Retribution community a new event called Defeat our champion! that will take place very soon and hopefully involve a lot of players.

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Inspired by myself and with the participation of our official casters RedRupee and WasteMaLife, Defeat our Champion! will consist in a series of games featuring one player, called the champion, against challengers who will do their best to defeat him.

Every game will be casted. In order to do so, challenges will be collected on GameReplays for several days, then we will organize a special evening where our champion will answer challenges.

Here are the rules of the event:
  • The champion conserves his title as long as he remains undefeated.
  • The champion cannot refuse a challenge.
  • As soon as he loses a game, the champion is dethroned and his victorious opponent becomes the new champion. A victorious challenger cannot refuse to become the new champion.
  • The former champion cannot challenge the current champion straight after he was dethroned.
  • A challenge consists in two games. Those who dare to challenge the champion must mention which hero they will play for the first game, and which one they want the champion to play for the second game. Thus, challenges follow this pattern:
    Game 1: The challenger has already chosen his hero when he challenged the champion. He picks the map. Then the champion selects his hero and the game starts.
    Game 2: The challenger has already chosen which hero the champion must play. The champion picks the map. Then the challenger selects his hero and the game starts.
  • In the grim darkness of the 41st millennium there is no veto. Nevertheless, maps have to be picked in the official pool. Also, there is no fairness: a player may challenge the champion to play a hero that he is unfamiliar with. Those who do so will receive a special Coward badge linked to their GameReplays accounts.
  • During the event, and if no one dares to challenge the champion, he may summon a player on the battlefield for a show game. This player must not have been defeated previously. When a player is summoned by the champion, he may or may not accept the game. Those who do not accept must be stabbed by the blades of shame and will receive a Coward badge, in addition.
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  • Show games consist of one game and follow this pattern: The champion selects his hero. Then the summoned player picks his hero and the map. The game starts.
  • Random is a valid selection for heroes. However, a player cannot challenge the champion to play with a random hero.
  • The gamemode is 1v1 victory point control with 500 starting victory points, and random starting location.
  • Every game will be casted. The official casters for this event are RedRupee and WasteMaLife. In some cases, another member of GameReplays staff will help with the casting. Nobody else will be allowed to join in.
  • By decision of GameReplays staff, a champion who has remained undisputed for a certain amount of time will give up his title and appoint his successor. The former champion will be honored for his bravery and the players of Dawn of War 2: Retribution will murmur his name with fear and respect, every night before bed time.
  • The map pool for Defeat our Champion! contains only the following maps: Ashes of Typhon; Calderis Refinery; Green Tooth Gorge; Green Tooth Jungle Redux; Judgment of Carrion; Leviathan Hive; Outer Reaches; Quest heresy; Siwal Frontier; Fedrid Folly; Jarilo's Forge.
Our first champion will be elected shortly. In the meantime, you can already take a look at RedRupee's and WasteMaLife's works here.

Last but not least:

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It has already begun.

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# 2netsky Feb 4 2012, 09:11 AM
I like this!

maybe once it's running you could have a champion for every faction, and a global champion?

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# 3VindicareX Feb 4 2012, 18:11 PM
When will this take place?

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# 4Asmon Feb 4 2012, 19:19 PM
Likely next week, a thread will soon be created in order to announce who's the first champion, and also to collect challenge promises.
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# 5RagingJenni Feb 6 2012, 16:39 PM
I enjoy this, should have formed it closer to sunday night fights though.

Didn't like the gimmicky stuff like forcing the champion into play a certain hero. Would rather have had a standard series of matches with a champion who proves he is the best player. Oh well cant have everything, and this still sounds great. ^^
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# 6james123456 Feb 7 2012, 21:09 PM
this will be fun

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# 7xRed Feb 7 2012, 22:29 PM
sounds cool, would love if someone could cast this

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# 8Cyridius Mar 2 2012, 18:10 PM
So it's basically King of the Hill, with some added bonuses? Cool ideas in there.
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