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The strongest lategame support hero?

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# 21Jcphne Apr 2 2012, 17:48 PM
@^ +1

And omniknight as well.
With that repel + Guardian Angel. Every second counts.

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# 22iNsania Apr 12 2012, 12:12 PM
God, I spose you need some hon playahs to clean this thread up

First of all Shadow Shaman - Rhasta - Pollywog Priest IS NOT a support hero.
The hero brings nothing to a duo lane. He's squishy, has low range, not especially high nuke damage and his cc's cost too much mana in order to be effective as a support.
^ Just compare to CM.

But as for which support is the strongest in late game it always depends on your lineup but Dazzle or AA in my opinion are the two strongest all around. Then again, as I said, it depends on your own picks and what ur facing. You can't say this hero XX is the strongest late game carry either, because no matter what, you're spells are what defines the hero - and there are always counters to every hero, maybe not currently in dota2 because not enough heroes have been ported, but soon enough!

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# 23dagu Apr 25 2012, 22:18 PM
you guys are seriously, massively underestimating witch doctor ...

early no ... but mid and late he is probably the top support player since he does massive damage with curse and ulti ( check the damage you do after you get agha ).

plus he hits multiple heroes.

not to mention the annoying and lasting stun.

in a team fight away from creeps you basically take out 2-3 enemy heroes easily for 2-3 seconds ...

there is something seriously wrong when rhasta is called a more powerful support than witch in late ...

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# 24leadr May 13 2012, 19:59 PM
I think if you build Invoker support and play all game with that mindset (since you can pretty much build Invoker for all situations and roles) then he is the strongest late game support. I say this because lategame, with his abilities almost maxed out and an aghs, he can silence, cyclone, slow (x2), manaburn a whole team at once, boost his teammates to incredible dps rates, and kill an entire lane of creeps...all within ten seconds. All he needs is the mana to do it (sheepstick is the best because then he has 3.5 sec disable too) and the invoke rate to keep the spells coming (aghs). A good Invoker with fast fingers and an advanced knowledge of his spells and *when to use them* can do it all for his team lategame. He scales the best and if you play him well he'll be relevant all game and dominating late.

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