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Tournament XXIII After Action Report

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# 1GreenDevil! Feb 17 2012, 06:48 AM
Tournament XXIII After Action Report

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Day One: Opposing Fronts Paradise!

Round one started on Angoville, which is an OF players dream come true! Out of the 35 games that were played, 14 were no shows and all but one of the remaining games ended in a 2-0 clean sweep. KastrenBrot and noluckstrikebro competed in a hard fought three game round, with KastenBrot eventually going through 2-1.

Round two was played on Semois, which is a very balanced and favorable map for just about any faction. All but two of the games finished in predictable 2-0 clean sweeps to the big name players, but IplayforKeeps and BudwiseReborn slugged it out in three hard fought games. Keeps won the first game as British, but Budwise came back in the second game as US vs. Keeps' Wehrmacht, which was nowhere near strong enough to hold off Bud's sniper micro. Keeps won the VP war and chose Brits in the third game, against Bud's Wehrmacht. Bud was winning quite easily, but when his connection dropped IP4K wanted the game restarted, and ended up winning the restarted game in a tough contest that went down to the wire.

Round three was played on the fan favoirte, Langres. The quality of games ramped up and some decent contests took place on this action packed map with aggressive cut-offs and fuel placements. NosliwReborn faced Semint in an action packed three game series. Nosliw played too passive as US in the first game against Semint's Wehrmacht, this cost him the game. Nosliw played as PE in game two, against Semint's US. Nosliw stomped around the map with PG's and raced around with Armored Cars, winning the game in style. Semint won the VP war and chose Wehrmacht in game three. Nosliw on the other hand took a gamble and chose Brits, not wanting to play as US again on North Langres. Semint used a support strategy to great effect and he dispatched Nosliw fairly quickly in game three and progressed through to round four.

MarinezReborn was matched up against IP4K in round three. In game one, Marinez played as US and IP4K as Wehrmacht. The game was well played all the way through and it looked as though Marinez was toast when IP4K called in a King Tiger. Great use of a calliope and good perseverance paid off for Marinez eventually stealing the game from Keeps.

MarinezReborn Vs IP4K Game 1, R3

Game two kicked off with IP4K as Brits and Marinez as Wehrmacht. Marinez executed a fairly decent 5pioT2 and it proved too much for IP4K to handle. He valiantly tried to fight back but lost his vet 3 Captain and vet 3 Lieutenant with some bad micro and was unable to recover and stop the rampaging grens and Knights Cross Holders.

Day Two: Bring Your 'A' game!

Round Four commenced with sixteen players battling it out for a place in the next round. The map was Sturzdorf, which has been improved considerably and is now looked upon by some as a good map for US due to their great capping ability and mobile gameplay. A surprise result was 20th seed BartonPL dispatching 4th seed Seb 2-1 in an awesome display of skill and micro. Seb won the first game as US against Barton's Wehrmacht, but Barton came back strong in the second game winning as US against Seb's Wehrmacht. Barton played as US against Seb's Wehrmacht again in game three, proving that US is very strong on Sturzdorf by beating Seb in a good display of US combined arms and vetted rifleman. Barton progressed through to the next round and joined the likes of KoreanArmy, SiberianPlatoon, DevM, Contador, and Aimstrong.

Another great clash between two old school players was Marinez taking on Contador. Contador played an impressive game a US in game one against Marinez's Wehrmacht in an entertaining clash, which ended in a good win for Contador. Marinez came back with a vengeance in game two, dispatching Contadorís Wehrmacht in a strong display of US firepower. Contador won the VP war and chose US in the final game without any hesitation. Marinez played a flawless Wehrmacht game though, upsetting Contador and progressing through to the next round.

Round five started with 8 players going toe to toe for a place in the semifinals. The map was rotated back to Angoville, which contains aggressive cutoffs and an abundance of resources, which makes for exciting game play. The huge upset of this round had to be Fir3ball clean sweeping DevM 2-0. Fir3ball defeated DevM's USA as Wehrmacht in game one and played an equally good game as US vs. DevM's Wehrmacht in game to progress through to the semifinals. Everyone was shocked and still are at this result, but full credit to Fire3ball for displaying awesome tactics and micro. Fir3ball progressed through to the semifinals joining SiberianPlatoon and Aimstrong.

Also in round five a truly epic struggle developed between Korean Army and BartonPL, with KoreanArmy eventually progressing through to the finals with some awesome British play. Congratulations go to BartonPL for a really amazing tournament and for some major upsets along the way.

Semi Finals

The Semi Finals got underway on Semois with Fir3ball, KoreanArmy, Aimstrong, and SiberianPlatoon. With all of the semifinalists being SNF Season 4 contenders, this round was abundant with good solid, high quality play. KoreanArmy and SiberianPlatoon proved to be the two strongest players, and progressed to meet in the grand final. in with a chance for KoreanArmy to exact some revenge on SiberianPlatoon for knocking him out of the popular SNF series.

Grand Final

The Grand Final was a best of five series with two games on Langres, two games on Semois and the last game if required on Angoville. This was the chance for KoreanArmy to get his vengence in a SNF rematch, and it came down to the wire. Siberian was leading comfortably for the entirety of the first game, using goliaths to effectively dispatch KoreanArmy's British infantry sections. KA then went on to win convincingly with Wehrmact on Langres, and won the first game on Semois as US. On the brink of losing the series, Siberian constructed a howitzer and slowly but methodically managed to secure the middle of the map, giving him the right to advance to game five. Siberian played an outstanding final game as Brits and showed everyone that Vet 3 Gren Spam with shreks and For the Father Land can be beaten with an early 25 Pounder and mass Commandos. Unfortunately for KoreanArmy, he was outplayed and didn't make the most of an early opportunity to rush Siberians HQ truck with shreked Grens and a Halftrack. Well played SiberianPlatoon and a well-deserved win. KoreanArmy was a worthy opponent and provided all the CoH fans with some great competitiveness and skilled game play.

SiberianPlatoon Vs KoreanArmy, Grand Final, Game 4

All replays for this Tournament can be found in the Company of Heroes Event Section, by clicking on the link provided below.

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# 2Reaper Feb 18 2012, 16:20 PM
Marinez won 2-1.

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