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add another LF mentor post lol

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# 1Bigpop Feb 20 2012, 16:11 PM
Hey all I am coming back after being away for about a year and a half to 2 years ish. When I left I was level 11 with US and 10 with Wehr (maxed out at level 12 with both at one point). I also have never leveled PE with any urgency but I am around lvl 9 or so on one of my former smurf accounts (I refuse to play Brits basically, but can/will/want to learn the other factions). I was/am part of Stomach Battalion, a CoH clan here but after reading some posts it looks like most of the guys have moved on.

Being that I am coming back though, I am super rusty. Maybe it's just a matter of moving my mouse quicker lol. But I am getting beat, and pretty bad, by some much lower lvl peeps right now. I could really use a hand. I know units but the meta game obviously changes from patch to patch and I think I am far behind (and playing more like the last couple patches?) on the learning curve.

I have vent, working knowledge of the game, am available consistently most weeknights and weekends (can go further into depth if anyone decides to take me on) and while I don't currently have a broadcasting channel set up, I know some have said it makes mentoring super easy so I would have no issue with getting that set up, if needed. I'm in Ohio so EST for me.

If you have any other questions just let me know.

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# 2Basilone™ Mar 25 2012, 01:24 AM
Dibs! Post replays in my other thread with GreenDevil and we can talk about it in vent smile.gif

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