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Sunday Night Fights Title Fight #5: Fir3ball vs. DevM

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# 1AmiPolizeiFunk Feb 21 2012, 20:03 PM
"After fighting, everything else in your life got the volume turned down."
—The Narrator, Fight Club

Relic Entertainment & GameReplays.org presents

Sunday Night Fights Season 3 Episode 11

** Season Finale **

Title Fight #5

Fir3ball vs. DevM

Sunday, February 26, 8pm GMT

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It all comes down to this. Ten fights are in the books and only one is left outstanding, and what a hum-dinger it's gonna be! Could the story have been written any better by a ring-side reporter with a flare for fantastic scenarios? DevM blows through Lollypop in his SNF Contender Bout, then skunks SiberianPlatoon to take his Heavyweight Championship Belt, then defends his newly won belt against a strong threat from Freestyler. You might say that DevM is on top of his game, that he is at the pinnacle, that he is... unbeatable?

Tourney XXIII roles around, and what happens? This kid, this upstart, this ladder leader that many called a "gamespammer", or "not legit", sent DevM home without a hint of mercy. Fir3ball, also know by his real name Aljaz, battered DevM twice in a row on Angoville. The games weren't even really close. After winning the SNF S03E10 Round Robin by besting Barton, Marinez, and Guderian, Fir3ball has earned his place in the final SNF Title Fight.

It is a rematch of epic proportion. Will the current Heavyweight Champion of the World avenge his embarrassing defeat in Tourney XXIII? Or will the Challenger send him home one more time, to claim the throne for his own, ending Season 3 as the King of the Hill. This is a Best-of-5 that is not to be missed. Dignity and glory are on the line.

DevM v. Fir3ball from Tourney XXIII

Not only is this the Season Finale, but this episode marks the 2-Year Anniversary of the first Sunday Night Fights show that was broadcast on February 28th, 2010. Keep your eyes and ears peeled during this Sunday's cast. There are a few special surprises already booked! If you've enjoyed the original music during Season 3, check out Lynksey's free-to-download SNF compilation album:

Be sure to tune in to Episode #11 of Sunday Night Fights Season 3
February 26th, 2012, at 8pm GMT

Limit 1 Entrance per Ticketholder! No passes! No rainchecks! No refunds!

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