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I'm new here ( - "you don't say?")

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# 1misledreality Feb 21 2012, 23:59 PM
Hi everybody,
I'm a COH-player from Germany. I just started playing CoH actively, some I'm not a really great player (currently Lvl9 PE,Wehr and US)... but maybe I'll get better. I'm currently 18 years old. I'm usually just online in the game when I've got vacations (I'm in a boarding school and we've got a shitty proxy there, so I can't play there), but feel free to add me (nick is the same as here). Besides gaming I also do photography and film-stuff, so if you've got problems just contact me. wink.gif

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# 2Aoenian Feb 22 2012, 11:14 AM
Welcome! smile.gif

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# 3Emissary Feb 28 2012, 23:38 PM
Welcome to GR smile.gif

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# 4^Cerby- Mar 1 2012, 15:51 PM
Welcome to GR! smile.gif

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