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2v2 Best partner for China Tank General ?

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# 1budge Feb 22 2012, 08:09 AM
Hi guys!

Im new to this forum.
Im playing some 2v2 with a good friend of mine on the next lanparty we make!

he always plays china tank general and starts off by only farming $ + making TONS of tanks.
our opponents will probably be a mirror china tank general+some USA.

what do you reccomend as partner for my china tank general friend? I thought about china infantry genereal and start an early rush together, or some USA genereal ?

can you reccomend me something? (btw i dont like GLA too much cause i dont rly know how to play with em)

thx greez

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# 2MrX Feb 22 2012, 17:23 PM
1) Airforce (if you can play good)
2) Toxin/Stealth - also good choices.

Try to double the opponents in begin together. gla can bomb enemys warfactory. tank can finish him.

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# 3AwfuL Feb 22 2012, 20:11 PM
Yeah those armies are good, because:

- Airforce's strong air units will force the opposing team to spam anti air units like gatlings/quads/avengers. Tank's units are strong enough to destroy these units 1v2.
- With GLA armies you can easily double one opponent with Tank's strong units, while also being able to defend Tank's base from harass.

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