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Singleplayer will be a primary task for BW Vic - unfortunately

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# 61cnc315d34d Mar 8 2012, 17:41 PM
What was it then?

the fact that its the most 'realistic' cnc to date - casuals just DIG anything with a modern warfare-ish setting... that genre was 'in' back in the early 2000's and it still remains popular today

cnc1 itself was popular because of its very realistic and believable setting for its time


You should write an article about casual gamers in fast paced RTS. I agree with everything, and can even picture myself thinking that when I was younger.

hes already written like a bazillion articles on this stuff... you can look up some of his 'rts noob guides' back when ra3 released

unfortunately the perception of rts for most of the playerbase is simply set in stone - its incredibly hard to reset that mentality... most people outside of gr.org honestly dont even give a shit basically
imo sc2 is the most recent and finest rts when it comes to catering decently to both pros and noobs - it gives noobs a fair amount of crutches to help them understand and appreciate the game mechanics, and still has a decent amount of depth for top-level players

gens2 needs to follow a similar path if it is to be successful imo - you CANT bank purely on creating an 'awesome' multiplayer component alone, and especially one that caters heavily towards high-level play

as said, the perception of rts for most people (casuals) is incredibly difficult to change - they need to be gradually weaned off those old ideas and learn to appreciate what rts gameplay is about... obviously isolating/ignoring them completely by creating 100% MP-centric gameplay, with lots of 'fake difficulty' (as proposed by agm) for low-level players is NOT the way to do it

Gens2 essentially needs to regurgitate that sc2 formula and deliver it with a cnc/generals-ish flavour.

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