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Sunday Nights Fights Season 3 is in the Books

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# 1AmiPolizeiFunk Feb 27 2012, 11:40 AM
A champion is someone who gets up when he can't.
óJack Dempsey

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Two and a half months have passed and 46 games of Company of Heroes have been shoutcasted by the SNF Crew. It's been a helluva season. We've seen the Semois church topple on multiple occasions. We've seen almost every unit in the game wage warfare across the farmlands of Angoville and Langres. We've seen glorious victories and crushing defeats. We've witnessed remarkable comebacks from the brink of despair. We went into the 11-Episode King-of-the-Hill style series claiming that we would show you "The Best of the Best". We delivered.

The names that you will read below in the Prize Distribution list have entered CoH's Hallowed Halls. Those 6 players represent everything that is great about Company of Heroes and the GameReplays.org community. They are sportsmen one and all. Huge congratulations to them for their achievements on any given Sunday!

Prize Distribution

  • 1. SiberianPlatoon $250
  • 1. DevM $250
  • 2. aljaz5 $150
  • 3. Seb $50
  • 3. KoreanArmy $50
  • 3. Freestyler $50

Results Recap


Week One: November 27, 2011
$50 Contender Bout #1 -- Aimstrong vs. SiberianPlatoon
SiberianPlatoon wins 3-2

Week Two: December 4, 2011
$50 Contender Bout #2 -- Seb vs. Wu299
Seb wins 3-2

Week Three: December 11, 2011
$100 Title Fight #1 -- Seb vs. SiberianPlatoon
SiberianPlatoon wins 3-2

Week Four: December 18, 2011
$50 Contender Bout #3 -- Contador vs. KoreanArmy
KoreanArmy wins 3-0

Week Five: January 8, 2012
$100 Title Fight #2 -- Heavyweight Champ SiberianPlatoon vs. Challenger KoreanArmy
SiberianPlatoon wins 3-1

Week Six: January 15, 2012
$50 Contender Bout #4 -- DevM vs. Lollypop
DevM wins 3-0

Week Seven: January 22, 2012
$100 Title Fight #3 -- Heavyweight Champ SiberianPlatoon vs. Challenger DevM
DevM wins 3-0

Week Eight: January 29, 2012
$50 Contender Bout #5 -- Freestyler vs. Sepha
Freestyler wins 3-2

Week Nine: February 12, 2012
$100 Title Fight #4 -- Heavyweight Champ DevM vs. Challenger Freestyler
DevM wins 3-1

Week Ten: February 19, 2012
$50 Contender Bout #6 -- Round Robin Special featuring Fir3ball, Barton, Marinez, & Guderian
Fir3ball wins w/ a record of 2 wins, 1 tie, 0 losses

Week Eleven: February 26, 2012
$100 Title Fight #5 -- Heavyweight Champ DevM vs. Challenger Fir3ball
Fir3ball wins 3-0

As a production, Sunday Night Fights Season 3 shattered all previous Company of Heroes broadcasting records. We know that our numbers are nowhere near the likes of other, newer, perhaps more polished, games, but we are proud of the little trench that we have carved in the earth. CoH and Broadcasting are a match made in Heaven. Each cast tells a story. Each game has its heroes and its goats. In every match, we laugh and we cry over moments that are unique -- sometimes wonderful, sometimes flabbergasting. We can only hope that CoH Broadcasting continues to gain popularity.

Sunday Night Fights on twitch.tv hit it's "Average Concurrent Viewers" peak on Sunday Jan. 29, 2012, at 707. The "Max Concurrent Viewers" that evening was 875, and the "Unique Visitors" was 2,228. "Video Plays" hit it's peak on Sunday Feb. 12, at 5,099, and that's just in one day. At time of publication, we have a total of 650,546 views and 747 followers. We're a jumbo jet! That's more than double what we had in both categories at the beginning of the season. We got what we wanted above all else; viewer ability to select a resolution anywhere from 280p to 1080p, with all of the stops in-between. SNF is our name and bringing you CoH in Hi-Def is our game.

We hope you've enjoyed watching these bouts as much as we have enjoyed creating this show.
Keep bouncin', & see ya next season!

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# 2Eupolemos Feb 27 2012, 19:51 PM
These shows were AWESOME!

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# 3ThisIsKindergarten Feb 27 2012, 20:21 PM
Thanks for all your hard work, late nights and alcoholic performance.

And I will find out how there can be a tie in a CoH game ....

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# 4obscura Feb 28 2012, 04:13 AM
Thanks for all of this!

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# 5maximaxus Feb 28 2012, 07:07 AM
It's been great and got me right back into the game. Nice one!

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# 6m00n Feb 28 2012, 11:26 AM
Thanks for the shows, I hope we won't have to wait long for the next season! smile.gif

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# 7CallMeSarge Mar 2 2012, 17:35 PM
Congrats to the SNF team, thats a great result!

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