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Small Updates: EA_CIRE Explains Media Delay, Kotaku Talks Story

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# 1AgmLauncher Feb 28 2012, 08:53 AM
Things are still quiet on Generals 2 front, but EA_CIRE has updated the Command and Conquer Facebook page explaining the delay in releasing the new media he promised a few weeks ago.

Sorry for the delay on the new Generals 2 footage, but our developer team is crunching towards a milestone and it's impossible to get anything cool out any time soon. But i am still asking every week till i have something new for you guys. We had to wait so long for a new quality C&C RTS, that those weeks are something to get over (even though it's hard). Keep you posted!
Source: EA's Facebook Page

It's interesting to know that they seem to be to close to reaching a milestone this early in the game's development cycle. Could they be nearing their development alpha milestone? If so, that indicates the game is now at a playable state and the mechanics are largely complete at this point. Traditionally, EA's development alpha comes before their full alpha, and only the designers/developers working on the project are doing testing. Dev alpha is usually followed closely by their feature-complete alpha in which no new features or mechanics are being added to the game.

According to Methuselah, GameReplays.org's director of the Command and Conquer franchise, Generals 2 has been in a playable, or at the very least demonstrable far beyond what we've seen so far, state for a few months now. If that's true, then the team is already past their development alpha and could be approaching their feature-complete alpha. This would mean that Generals 2 is has been coded to its design specs, and all there is left to do is testing, polishing, and replacing placeholder art, textures, and sounds. Singleplayer development usually runs in parallel with, but separate from, the core gameplay development. Blizzard for example, was still working on StarCraft 2's campaign while the game was being alpha tested publicly at BlizzCon, and singleplayer was being developed throughout the alpha testing process. Thus it's unlikely that the Generals 2 campaign is anywhere near complete at this point, but the game itself is playable from a features/mechanics point of view.

Speaking of singleplayer and the campaign, Kotaku released some tidbits of information concerning just how much of BioWare's story culture we can expect to see in Generals 2. According to BioWare co-founder Ray Muzyka, their goal is to integrate the story "in a way that's appropriate for the genre. We want to make it more compelling, immersive experience for real-time strategy fans."

Real time strategy has never been a very good way to deliver a plot and narrative to a player, not compared to RPGs or FPSs at any rate. However if anyone can figure out how to integrate story into a strategy game, it's BioWare. Let's just hope they don't sacrifice gameplay testing and development in the process.

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# 2Flopjack Feb 29 2012, 19:58 PM
I'm excited to see it, but I'm not setting my expectations very high to be honest.

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# 3methuselah Mar 1 2012, 02:00 AM
Why? I'm not saying all of us don't have every reason to be very skeptical I'm just curious as to whether it is simply past history or something more.

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# 4oscarg Mar 2 2012, 15:41 PM
So its gonna be an actual plot then? I hope they dont go with that old fighting terrorists scheme, it feels very overdone.

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# 5-LikeMike- Mar 12 2012, 02:58 AM
i know a good plot.
we are the terrorists wink.gif

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# 6DMraider Mar 18 2012, 22:11 PM
I think the game is gonna be pretty cool. On the other hand I will wait and see, and not get excited untill the game is close to come out or perhaps if they show some really cool gameplay.

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