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SNF Map Pack 2012 Tester Tourney #1 Finals Show set for Sun Mar. 4th

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# 1Tommy. Mar 2 2012, 08:00 AM
"What use are cartridges in battle? I always carry chocolate instead."
—George Bernard Shaw

Scarcely a month after Tournament XXIII rocked the CoH community with nonstop wildcards, action and explosions, GameReplaysCoH is proud to present the livecast of the latest Custom Map Tournament! In preparation for Season 4 of Sunday Night Fights, veteran and novice mappers alike have been pooling their resources to create some of the finest custom maps seen to date. All the maps have undergone extensive playtesting, retesting, adjustments and tweaks, but now comes the real challenge: how will the very best CoH players fare on custom maps in a competitive tournament?

"What new maps?", I hear you ask? Well, WhiteFlashReborn's Argentan Crossroads, OnkelSam's Bois Du Chatelet, GenPtah's Forest Town, IPlayForKeeps' Sottevast & St. Quentin, Jannev's Bourdon, and Spankyy's Bayeux.

IPB Image

The Finals live show can be found on:

or embedded here on GameReplays.org:

Custom Map Tournament Finals

Commentated by Tommy952, Sandland & FatalSaint. Camera by Sandland.
Sunday, March 4th, at 8PM GMT

Limit 1 Entrance per Ticketholder! No passes! No rainchecks! No refunds!

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