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Dawn of War 2

Favourite quotes

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# 141panagiotis19889 Apr 5 2012, 15:12 PM
-The enemy wishes to fight hand in hand and sword to sword (WL)
-Come clash blades with us if you dare (shees)
-We are beset by chaos (WL)
-The rubble of chaos descends on me (Autarch)
-You are better by death you waste (guardians killing chaos)
-Still they try to kill us (WL vs chaos)
-So they resist us (shees)
-A requisition point, vital or distraction? (Autarch)
-Their sights are set on me (WL)
-We must arm for even crueler warfare (eldar announcer)
-The demonic infantry wages it's war (guardians vs daemons)
-An exarch of the warp spider shrine is among you now (WS exarch )
-Fierce and horrid demons descend (WL vs daemons)
-Come then sorcerer! (autarch vs CS)
-I am evermore impressive (autarch leveling)
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Game: Dawn of War 2

# 142ChopperMcChop Apr 6 2012, 16:57 PM
-Imagine you can defeat us commander?(CSM vs LG)
-She must not know our secrets!(CSm vs INQ)
-We shall dominate the weak(Chaos announcer when taking that mind control book)
-Ours is might,ours is power!(CSM when fighting or wiping a squad)
-Cover enough for our means(heretics when moving along cover)
-Ye think you chaoz boyz are crazy?HAH!I will show you!(Weirdboy on chaos)
-Ahhh theze hummies are just mean!(Your regular ork on chaos,shootas/sluggas/lootas/stormboyz/stikks)
-No forgiveness,no mercy!(CSM upon SM)
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Game: Dawn of War 2

# 143Barrogh Apr 7 2012, 18:53 PM
Voices a bit messed up atm. It's not rare to hear something about orks in IG vs Chaos game, for example.

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Game: Dawn of War 2

# 144panagiotis19889 Apr 25 2012, 19:34 PM
-You swallowed lies sorcerer (WL vs CS)
-I shall yet find a chinque in your armour human (shees vs CL)
-They shoot us in the back... like traitors (SM vs anything shooting them in the back tongue.gif)
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Game: Dawn of War 2

# 145Anthrax. Apr 27 2012, 00:44 AM
QUOTE(panagiotis19889 @ Mar 28 2012, 10:47 AM) *

btw what does the WL say when he dies? it goes like this "fate is a ....." does anyone know?

It is

"Fate is a churl...."

QUOTE(tempertester @ Mar 11 2012, 13:10 PM) *

Does anyone know this quote by the commissar?

We are the____ of our destinies, bestone victories for our emperor

We are the dukes of our destinies, bestowed victory by our emperor!

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Game: Dawn of War 2

# 146Albatrosss Apr 27 2012, 03:55 AM
Most Epic Line " Chaos noise marine, can you hear me?" - Lord General
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Game: Dawn of War 2

# 147panagiotis19889 May 9 2012, 18:24 PM
- Me means have improved... my aim is the same! (FC upgrading)
- The acceptance of defeat is an invitation to its repetition (SM losing)
- Those who hold strong to the emperor... are never truly beaten (SM losing)
- Zeal and fury are rewarded with victory (Sm wining)
- This victory will long be remembered in the halls of glory (SM wining)
- What profanity is this??? An ork psyker? (guardians vs Weirdboy)
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Game: Dawn of War 2

# 148Riserise May 9 2012, 21:31 PM
I'm not sure about when these occur but...

"May our might thunder and rattle through flesh and bone!" - Noise Marines on attack command.
"Can you hear us over this NOISE?" - Noise Marines when selected.
"WHAT?" - Noise Marines when selected.
"Hear that? Upgrade complete!" - Noise Marines upon receiving the Blastmaster.
"Yes! We are amplified!" - Noise Marines upon receiving the Blastmaster.
"They would silence us?" - Noise Marines being fired upon.
"Our sound cannot be denied!" - Noise Marines wiping a squad?
"Things shall get loud now!" - Noise Marines playing dubstep.

"Smell blood... Taste blood!" - Bloodletters selected.
"You... Die...!" - Bloodletters attacking commanders?
"Attack! Attaaaaack!" - Bloodletters on attack command.
*random gnarling and growling* "...blood..." *gnarling continues* - Bloodletters capping points I think.
"Pain feeds the Blood God!" - Bloodletters being fired upon?
"Dead... No skulls..." - Bloodletters finishing off a vehicle.
"Terrible, terrible damage!" - Bloodletters doing terrible, terrible damage.

"A pox upon them!" - Plague Marines targetting infantry.
"Rot it to dust!" - Plague Marines targetting a vehicle.
"Infect that place!" - Plague Marines targetting a garrison.
"A parting gift..." - Plague Marine exploding on death
"Pestilence and plague." - Plague Marines when selected.
"Like death, victory is inevitable!" - Plague Marines bringing down a vehicle.
"Victims in sight..." Plague Marines spotting THQ admins.

Too bad Tzeentch doesn't have an iconic unit in this game. I would love to hear Rubric Marines going "All is dust!".

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Game: Dawn of War 2

# 149Vargas_The_Sick May 10 2012, 02:28 AM
Probably been said, but my faves


" Fire within, and steel without... "

" Accept your staff sorcerer !! "

" Let flesh run like pus ! "

" You fight for nothing, you ARE nothing ! "


" Go git em big guy ! "

" Oooo.... gotts to have me that thing.. "

" Someone left snacks unda tha seat wooo ! "

Space Marines

Force Commander " You... DARE !?!? "

" NOISE ?!?!, Think you can beat me with that NOISE !!! "

Apo - " By the Emperor what is that Juggernaut " ( upon seeing a Blood Crusher )

" I have died.....like I swore I would " - Dying FC.

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# 150panagiotis19889 May 10 2012, 15:57 PM
-For the Emperor sir... Ever onwards! (My fav IG victory speech)
-Hate is my weapon of choice (WL using destructor)
-Fear me! (SM)
-Humans with a surprising skill with their guns i suppose (shees vs SM)
-Humans... why are there so many humans??? (WSE vs IG)
-Face our might frail lord (eldar vs Commie lord)
-You dare match wits with me? (Autarch vs LG)

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Game: Dawn of War 2

# 151NNank May 11 2012, 04:23 AM
you shoot me...well I shoot you!

cracks me up every time.

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# 152panagiotis19889 May 12 2012, 01:52 AM
-I'm alive you're dead... I WIN!!! (orks wiping something)
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Game: Dawn of War 2

# 153Valbruch May 12 2012, 21:05 PM
Pretty much everything Lord Commisar says. But especially this one:

- It's me versus a shred of their god (LC attacking an Avatar)

Also love this Chaos one:

- Feed their souls to Slaanesh.
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# 154Naaium May 14 2012, 20:10 PM

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# 155panagiotis19889 May 17 2012, 14:46 PM
-Shatter the figurehead of the dark gods! (shees vs Chaos hero)
-I shall silence your guns.. human (WL vs human set up teams)
-Shatter the armour and bring death to the soul inside (shees vs dreads)
-Do not give them the time to use their guns! (shees vs set up team)
-The time of speed has passed (FS after fleet of foot)
-I shall allow no witnesses (WL when attack moving)
-Know defeat SM (eldar vs SM)
-An excellent shot...it suffices (shees killing a retreating unit by shooting)
- Even an exarch would admire a shot such as this (Ws wiping a squad)
- The road of the eldar is long and full of peril (eldar idling)
-Far are we eldar from each other and i fear we shall never reunite (not sure if correct but eldar idling)
-You may never see peace again! Make war now with all your heart (Fs when using guide?)
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Game: Dawn of War 2


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