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Rise of the Witch King

Round 3: Cam&Kaz VS Peace&Costa

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# 21Excalibur Mar 20 2012, 10:30 AM
Tournament has already failed. The procedure is not interesting anymore. There's no suspense, the entertainment value has already gone. Brice and Andy are already in the finals with a game, there are no correct brackets for a third place game, and possibly this 2v2 Tournament has already proven that it will fail in the future since you can not simply expect 4 players to get a matching time whether it's due to lack of their time or due to lack of their responsibility. I can not simply hope for you to get the game any time soon and then of course having to push you play the finals as well. I don't want to force anyone to play their games but it has concluded to this point.

This tournament was the exception from any other having 24 players signed-up showing a possibility of greater and entertaining Tournaments to come. I am sorry guys but if you are frustrated, so am I.

Closed & Canceled. Thanks for your time and disposability.

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Game: Rise of the Witch King


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