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Banned Exploits

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# 1PuppetMaster DM Mar 13 2012, 07:59 AM
The banned exploits in Red Alert 3 are as follows:
  • There is an exploit that allows units to fire out of Japan's Sudden Transport.
  • Allies can deploy structures around an outpost before it is finished deploying.
  • Allied Peacekeepers can shoot the ground next to a wall and the splash damage will go through the wall to damage nearby structures.
  • Using the bug where dolphin splash damage can hit land structures near the water if you use force-firing.
  • The "Mini-MCV" being able to crush units which it isn't supposed to be crashing.
  • Intentional DC's or game crashing
  • Invisible infantry glitch.
  • Tengus on buildings glitch.
  • Building structures on top of infantry.
  • Stacking Tengus to allow for mass point defense drones.
The repeated abuse of the above listed exploits will result in a Ladder Ban or, if they are heavily abused by someone it also can result in a serial key ban.

GR's staff and any other member of GR is not allowed to explain the execution of any glitch in an open discussion, to prevent the spreading of those glitches.

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