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seeking US/ Wehr mentor

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# 1NigelBallsworth Mar 20 2012, 16:21 PM
Hi all,

I've been playing a while, but can't seem to get beyond a certain level of skill. I generally break even with my wins vs. losses with both US and Wehr. I'm looking to get some advice on how to play a little better. I am a shift worker, and a family man, however, so my schedule can be a little erratic. I'm in Ontario, Canada, so that's considered eastern time, I think. I generally play around 5 hours a week. If anyone can help , let me know, thanks.

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# 2angeladik May 1 2012, 09:15 AM
What is your US/Wehr ingame lvl? If you like let me see your game replays via Gamereplays so I can find your mistakes and give you necessary tips. PM me or find in game - Angeladik is my account.

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