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T v brood/infestor

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# 1riz Mar 27 2012, 00:54 AM
How do you beat broodlord/infestor/ling?

Ghost feel so weak right now in that situation after the patch and vikings get owned by fungals pretty badly.

Do I need to look for the perfect ghost/viking ratio or is there some other way of beating this.

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# 2Trixx Mar 27 2012, 06:40 AM
I don't think that you need any Ghosts in TvZ. At least I didn't see them in any TvZ lately. Everyone plays Marines, Medivacs in combination with Siege Tanks and some Vikings. Thors seem to work as well. At least as a Meeat Shield. I think especially in TvZ you have to drop his economy a lot to destroy his macro and to deny too many teched units from Zerg.

In the first game of Polt vs Stephano (Lone Star Clash Semi Finals) you can see this mix working out pretty good.


(starts at 7 hours and 12 minutes)

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# 3FvRCrank Mar 27 2012, 08:01 AM
The solution to Hive tech that I see most since the patch is simply doing a huge push around 17/18 minutes just before the Hive transition kicks in to force the zerg to spend all the minerals and gas he was saving on ling/bane.

You have to split the vikings as they fly in so that a couple of fungals doesn't nab the whole lot of them at once.

Once broodlords are coming it's a good idea to start producing Thors instead of tanks. Broodlords and Corruptors tend to clump up so even though their single target damage isn't that fantastic you are often hitting more than one thing. Thors also fulfil the same role as tanks in certain situations but they don't splash your marines. Focus firing Infestors with the tanks as they walk up to fungal the vikings also helps. You are also going to need more than just one reactored starport to get out enough vikings in time to deal with them.

The other option is playing Mech and building Vikings from the get go. Same idea as in TvP where you get a ghost accademy at 11:00 so that you have ghosts on the table BEFORE HT's come out. You're saying "sure, go for broods if you want but I already have the counter so it's going to be harder for you than me".

If you would like to see a game of that (and an all around amazing game in general) then check out the NASTL Finals - Mouz vs Liquid Game 4 with Thorzain vs Zenio.



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# 4MacGuffinSC Mar 27 2012, 10:04 AM
As above, try to before or just before the transition. Can beat it without ghosts if it actually gets rolling but becomes difficult for the Terran if they don't control correctly, split those vikings away from fungal and you should be able to beat it.

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# 5nhi Jun 12 2012, 03:44 AM
to beat zerg, you gotta get used to losing.. tons of units dry.gif;

one way is to stop him from mining gas? XD broodlords are cool, but they aren't that big of a threat. . best step is to scout. . than kite them across the map?

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