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# 1GamerPeerLeague Mar 27 2012, 01:23 AM
I would like to publically announce the beginning of the new GamerPeer.com League starting 4/11/2012. The goal of this league is to encourage players of all levels to begin competing and stay competitive. I have learned over the years that the more competition that is around the better it is for the community growth. The way that we have made this possible is by separating skill groups but still offering money or prizes no matter what division of the league that you are in. There are many more details listed below.

This is a new league and there will be 1 match per week with a default time, this will go on for a few months and we will then have a playoff series along with a best of 5 finals. The current prize pool (subject to be higher based on community feedback) will be $500 USD. Please refer to details below for further information and find out how you and your team can compete.

To sign up for this league do the following steps…
1. Visit http://www.gamerpeer.com/ and register for an account.
2. Add league of legends as a game to your account (that allows you to put in your summoner name)
3. Gather all of your member’s usernames and send this in an e-mail along with your team name to GamerPeerLeague@gmail.com (This is a temporary solution until everything is automated)

To view the teams that are currently signed up and their rankings please visit http://gamerpeerleague.com/

If you feel any rules need to be changed or if anything needs to be added please let us know so that we can take it into consideration.

League Details

Divisions based on how many teams sign up.

Beginner (Open Registration, every team will start here unless they are already professional (eg. CLG, TSM, M5))
Intermediate (has to make it to playoffs in the Beginner league)
Professional (has to make it into the playoffs in the Intermediate league)
Invite (Have to be invited by the League Director)

Seasons Details

12 weeks long
1 match per week

Rules will be announced and discussed publicly on forums 1 month prior to the league starting and will have a final copy 1 week prior to the start.
The scoring will be based on how many rounds won/lost (each week is a best of 3)
1 win round = 2 points
1 loss round = -1 points
No show/disqualification = -2 points
Having a “buy round” or someone not showing up to the match gives you 1 round win or 2 points.
The “bye” team will always have 0 points as to ensure the lowest team does not always have a bye.

IPB Image


Teams will be matched with other teams with the closest score.
Matches will be announced Saturday night the week prior

Game time

Wednesday 8:30 EST
Teams can schedule another time to play, both teams must agree or it defaults to this time. If a team cannot make it, the other team gets a default win of 1 round and your team looses


Best of 5
1 match per week
Top 3-7 (depending on how many teams we have) scoring teams qualify for each league
1 slot is left open for a single elimination tourney for those teams that apply to join in the playoffs.
Same rules as regular season
games will be held on Saturday or Sunday because of a best of 5

Late join teams

Teams may join in the season late but they will have a record of that they lost every game up to that point (taking the spot of a bye)

Roster changes

You may change rosters as often as you like but a new player must wait 1 full match before participating.


Each player must have a replay of each game in case of disputes (Download this at http://www.leaguereplays.com/)

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# 2GamerPeerLeague Mar 27 2012, 01:24 AM
Q and A

Can there be more then 5 members that can be in a team (subs)? If so how much subs can we take?

You can have a max of 7 players on your roster. 2 subs. I will edit the post to include this.

What are the prizes at the end of the ladder?

there will be a minimum of $500 cash to the winners. This might increase based on community feedback with possibility of winning other prizes based on things like best kill of the season or other stipulations like that. This is the 1st season and it's the lowest rank of the league we don't want to go overboard, after a few seasons and teams get more settled and familiar with the rules we will be taking additional steps to help the community grow.

why does each player have to sign up for a GamerPeer.com account? It is harder to get the rest of the team signed up rather than just just leader signup for the whole team.

The reason for this is that we are keeping track of everyone's individual stats as well. Since we will require a screenshot of the end of the game this will allow us to keep track of each person's champion they play, creep kills, KDA ratio, and other things of that nature. With this information we will be able to attach it to your profile and if you try looking for another team or if someone is looking for players they can see how you preform in this particular league. I know it may be kind of a hassle but overall it will be a great way to keep track of player stats as well as give bonus incentives/prizes to those who have better stats. Also we will be sending out e-mails whenever the match is scheduled, sometimes the captain might be MIA and no one knows who they are facing or things of that nature.

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