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The Infinity Project is hosting a kick-off tournament!

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# 1ds80240 Mar 28 2012, 05:50 AM
The Infinity Project, now under the url www.LetsScrim.com, is finally starting to come together. To generate some interest and to check the reins so to speak, we are looking to host a tournament.

We have been playing DotA for nearly a decade. We love the game, and are just trying to give back to the community and to help it grow. As much as we would like to be business mongrels, this is just a tournament hosted by dedicated players for dedicated players.

We are hoping that there is enough interest in the community to flesh out a tournament. We will scrounge up a prize pool but it will just be a symbolic sum.

If you have not heard about The Infinity Project I would refer you to our previous post, http://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/commen...inity_project/

To sign up for the tournament:

Go to www.LetsScrim.com
Register and create a team.
As the creator of a team and hence the team captain you can now join tournaments.
Go to http://letsscrim.com/tournaments.php#tourn
Click on the tournament you want to join.
Press join tournament to join the Infinity Qualifier!


64 Single Elimination
Tournament will be held on european servers on the first of April, 2012.
Check-in will start at 16:00CET and the tournament will start one hour after that.
Join the irc channel on either http://letsscrim.com/events.php or prefered irc-client Join with username, teamtag is not necessary but preferable.
Players must contact any of the admins to confirm their team.
Bracket will be displayed on the external URL from tournament information on LetsScrim.com.
Players must contact their opposing team and arrange a host - Quarter-finals and onward will be hosted by an admin.
Winners will report results and take a screenshot.
If a game's results are disputed, tournament admins will check screenshots and determine who advances.
Bo1 until Semi-finals.
Bo3 onwards.

[Infinity Rules]

Any violation of Infinity Qualifiers rules may result in game forfeit and future suspension from Infinity Qualifiers and other Infinity or LetsScrim events.
Any cheating will result in suspension.
Players may not have stream open in the background when playing.
When both teams have completed their previous games said teams will have fifteen minutes to enter the game lobby or the game will be forfite after an admins consideration.
Admins may disqualify teams that delay the Infinity Qualifier due to scheduling conflicts.
Admins may warn and disqualify players for chat violations, including excessive or abusive insults toward players, observers, or referees.

[Qualifier Rules]

There will be twelve teams advancing to the Infinity League Season #1.
The winner of each qualifier will advance ILS #1.
The other two spots will be filled by the two teams with the highest score after the qualifiers are over.
The points from each qualifier will vary depending on amount of teams in the Qualifier

[Point System]

RO64: 100
RO32: 300
RO16: 500
Fifth Place: 700
Fourth Place: 800
Third Place: 900
Second Place: 1000

[Game Rules]

Admins reserve the right to overturn results or award wins based on evidence they see.
The winner is declared by the victory banner. A screenshot of the victory banner is required if the win becomes contested.
If there is persisten unplayable lag, players must contact a admin who will decide how to proceed.
Only one member is required to contact any admin.
Stand-ins are allowed if reported atleast fifteen minutes before match.
Stand-ins are required to register and join the team.
Each team got five minutes pause time, this rule can be overruled by any admin.

Players are not allowed to resume the game before both teams are ready.

Password: 'Host choose password'

Game Mode: Captains Mode

Server Location: Europe

Bots: No

Cheats: No

Spectators: Yes

Version: Tournament

[Observer Rules]

Broadcasters or unassigned players are not allowed - unless they are designates by Infinity admins.
If a game is played with unofficial broadcasters/unassigned players, game does not count.
Infinity will designate approved observers/broadcasters who will be allowed to observe and broadcast games.
Admins are also allowed to be in game.
If you would like to be an official observer/broadcaster for Infinity, please apply by contacting jesper.j.tornros@letsscrim.com. The more information provide about yourself and casting experience, the better.

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