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Which units (besides snipers) should you use attack-move?

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# 1Superjew Mar 29 2012, 17:07 PM
Im finding other units besides snipers to be maximum proficient when using attack-move. For example LeadCuresCancer pointed out that I was using my motorbikes at too close of a range, that they would get chased off by an engineer squad if they got too close when they should outclass the engineers. Grenadiers, with vet1 or vet2 seem to be able to take on the BAR if from maximum range. The LMG42, since the buff, seems to be a legitimate infantry fighting weapon that is worth it over the elite Kar98k when used with attack move, since it can only be fired while the soldier is standing still. Even the volks are good at a higher range while standing (Their accuracy is garbage while on the move too it seems) than when upclose to their American riflesquad, so they seem to do better at attack move.

PE Armored cars supposedly don't receive much of an accuracy penalty at maximum range and is ideal for picking off rifles even when in heavy cover. I assume the G43 squads are also a long range weapon. Ive tried using AT guns similarly, but they seem to work better if to simply told to attack a specific tank or vehicle than to use attack move since they may chase after the enemy vehicle/tank into enemy territory where the squad will get killed off.

I assume like the LMG42 that the grenadiers carry, that the Bren squad is also much better if used in conjunction with attack-move.

So specifically which units, should be used in conjunction with attack-move if you are telling them to traverse the battlefield for doing maximum damage, at maximum range, from a safe distance?

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# 2insanoflex312 Mar 29 2012, 23:21 PM
I A-move everytime I tell any unit to move to a point I will not watch for a while, except mgs. Other than that, A-move seems silly to use extensively other than with multiple snipers. But, I'm a noob, so, a grain of salt...

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# 3Trainzz Mar 30 2012, 11:49 AM
Units like bikes/jeeps/bc and other vehicles can be used with attack move to keep them at distance. For WM, I tend to use it for every other vehicle as well, since it helps to avoid stickies. Make sure you don't simply attack move your vehicle and forget about it though. It's just that your vehicle is not moving straight into the opponent lines. What's more, as you pointed out already Snipers are the best example for unit that can be used with attack move. It makes them shoot from the maximum distance and so reduces the danger of losing him.

Another use for attack move is when you are later in the game and you are sending a rifle or volx to cap a point, you can attack move right in front of the point and then click the point right after (with shift). That makes sure that, incase you forget about your unit, it will not simply die because it just runs up to the point and caps it.

Just make sure you don't rely too much on it. See it as a small micro help, and go on microing your units like before (cover and so on).

Also, you should not use it for your main force. Just micro your main force (on which you will focus during battles) yourself and try to get an advantage by doing so.

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# 4MinSillyWalks Apr 13 2012, 20:36 PM
nice post by trainz.

first saw the a-move shift-cap when sepha started bcing, he does it extensively, even with rifles who dont profit from being at max range. but whenever he can, he overrides that command and maneuvers them manually some seconds after that.

the drawback with a-move is not being in cover automatically. since this patch, vehicle cover applies to all vehicles making it a consideration. imo a-move acts as a safety measure not to get too close (wm infantry, vehicles) to enemy units or to avoid to cap under fire. once noticing the engagement, u can move them to the best spot possible.

second small drawback with vehicles is that a-move actually doesnt succeed in stopping the vehicle at max range in time. this is pronounced with pe acs, and i completely stopped using a-move when directing them to a main battle spot.

btw, tactical map commands are always a-move and seeing lolly or evil use it a lot (although using the tac map is disliked by many others) u can study its role in a game nicely.

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# 5ciazio Apr 15 2012, 19:25 PM
Just a question that can sound silly... but is it possible that using a-move my vehicles go crazy and chase a retreating enemy unit till the enemy base?

It happened me 2 times and I wasn't able to stop my car (even by clicking stop or moving it to another direction)

Sounds like a bug to me...

Last time happened to me in Angoville with an AC blown to death while auto-chasing a retreating Para... (the other player asked me if I was drunk tongue.gif actually I wasn't...)

Many thanks folks!

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# 6MinSillyWalks Apr 16 2012, 14:28 PM
yeah, has happened to me as well. seems like a bug.

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