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Eldar T2 anti-mass in team games

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# 1Newprimus Apr 1 2012, 08:01 AM
At a point in T2 team games players' forces start building that momentum into critical mass and if you're against a team that includes chaos or sm then it starts getting pretty hard, at least for me playing as eldar in 3v3. What are some good ways to deal with the increasing blobs that start showing up from T2 and onwards?

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# 2Asmon Apr 1 2012, 08:20 AM
Well, if you're holding position Wraithguards covered by a shuriken are great. You should combine this with FS's guide, WSE's entangle web, WL's warpthrow.

If you have to attack I suggest you to go T3 for fireprism (or avatar, but obviously if you're at a disadvantage you won't be able to afford him) and support your mates with your upgraded T1 army. Don't forget that several rangers are great against infantry blob through the whole game.
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# 3Tsototar Apr 2 2012, 06:14 AM
the best Eldar de-blobber is the T3 d-cannon. it's accuracy is superior to that of a Wraithguard, and its long range makes up for the fact that it's a setup team and more fragile than WG. Together with singularity, if you are at all able to predict (or else be able to click really quickly :-P) the "field of engagement" with the enemy, the other side cannot maintain a blob. I find it better than an Avatar, in fact, because an Avatar can be snared, and an even slower avatar does not work well to de-blob (everybody just kites it).

also, d-cannons can allow for some really cool moves - you can chain singularities: see what Phoenixlight did to me in this game,

basically, if the other side has a big blob of his entire army/their entire armies, full of "tough" units like chaos Tzeentch marines, for example, you cannot outshoot it with more fragile squads like your guardians or spiders (and wraithguard etc. would run into problems with bloodletters), but if you have squads of d-cannons behind far enough to not be visible but not so far they cannot shoot, they can start wiping the enemy's squads before your own squads get wiped (you should definitely be using energy shields)

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# 4Locklear Apr 2 2012, 16:28 PM
The best eldar deblobber is banshees.
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# 5Ice_JT Apr 2 2012, 16:35 PM
Basically any eldar unit can beat any other unit if you have the proper micro (vehicles not included). Of course you'd have to be inhuman to manage it.

The best response to any blob has always been and always will be skillful use of combined arms.

I know this of no practical use to you but others have provided you with good answers.

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# 6Paranoid Kamikaze Apr 2 2012, 20:54 PM
Moved to the War Room.
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# 7Nuclear Arbitor Apr 3 2012, 02:19 AM
that assumes the banshees can get to the blob locklear. if banshees could always get in they would be op, the entire issue with them is getting them in with enough health to do damage.

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# 8NNank Apr 3 2012, 04:52 AM
QUOTE(Nuclear Arbitor @ Apr 3 2012, 12:19 PM) *

that assumes the banshees can get to the blob locklear. if banshees could always get in they would be op, the entire issue with them is getting them in with enough health to do damage.

true dat.

depending on when and what's on the field. An early wraith lord can wreck a lot of blobs (as long as it's supported and there's no av out yet).

Late game, FP (or 2) can't go wrong. Just need to make sure it stays well back and the 'blob' comes to you. As well as you have other range power to help. Your own melee will take damage as well.

D-cannon as mentioned before can also do some serious hurt. But will generally only get a shot or two off before it's melee'd.

Avatar. Must have. One of the best end units if it's got support. It cannot go an army alone but supported it's very hard to deal with.
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