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Pro's Keybind setup

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# 1Ghostcat Apr 2 2012, 11:15 AM

I've just got back on this and want to improve my game overall. Ive always been pretty casual, but really want to step it up this time.

I just wanna know how the pro's have their keys setup or do they use default? Has anyone got a setup that doesnt rely on the F keys? I want to learn to use all the shortcuts, but reaching all the keys seems so hard. Is there an easier way of control than the defaults?


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Game: Command and Conquer 3

# 2shocktapus Apr 5 2012, 01:26 AM
You are best off posting in the general discussion buddy as people don't often check this forum. Personally I just use the defaults - it is a bit of a pain in the neck to learn them but once you do it is worth it. I think Wanted and Greasy have their own custom set-ups but to be honest it is all about personal preference.

If you really do want a custom set up then the best thing to do is to figure out what the most common commands you will be issuing are and then set it up so those keys are in a comfortable position. Most important for these will be the build queue management keys (E, R, T, Y and U) the function keys to build stuff and unit abilities. Just experiment and find something that suits you - what suits some players might not be comfortable for you. Since I am naturally left-handed but play right-handed I have a fairly good stretch on the keyboard so the defaults are fine for me, but yeah it is all down to personal preference.

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# 3comandante Jun 29 2013, 16:33 PM
I think all users play whith default controls

personaly I use more mouse than keyboard
I only use:
Q: to select all units
W: to select one tipe of units easily
Z: sell
X: unpower
C: repair
cntr+1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0: to make grups
1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0: to select the group
cntr: to force attak
shit/mayus: to select another unit
A: attac move (very usefull when you assault the enemy base)
D: to retrat the tanks
G: to force move (I use it only for infantry)
for all other options I use mouse

if you are new in this game, you can use only mouse (its easier)
but if you want be a pro player you might use shortcouts like: E,R,T,Y,U and F1,F2,F3,F4,F5,F6,F7,F8,F9,F10 to build and deploy faster and other else

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