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Guardians + Rocket Troops?

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# 1Couch Apr 6 2012, 21:21 PM
So I am currently fighting Lvl 13-15 camps and I still see mostly infantry in the defenses.

I am under the impression that 'repairing' inf is cheaper than repairing vehicles and air. This is probably a noobish question, but am I right?

If I am indeed right, an army composition of only Guardians and Rocket inf (plus Firehawks ^^) sounds like being the optimal thing. Guardians in the first waves removing any defenses, Rockets clearing the base...

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# 2foofightersrule Apr 6 2012, 23:40 PM
The combination I have the most luck with is a couple waves of guardians/orcas, mix in a couple predators and/or paladin if there's vehicles, followed by firehawks and pitbulls.
I have two riflemen but I mainly use them as distractions, but sometimes they come in handy when there's lots of missile infantry and/or rocket fist, and not a lot of anti infantry.
Firehawks are really good at clearing buildings, but when it comes to the con yard they don't seem to do a lot of damage. I think it's because on my server (4) there's still a bug which reduces the damage firehawks do to buildings in the last row. So my firehawks easily clear the way for my pitbulls and my pitbulls take out what's left of the con yard.
The reason I don't use missile squads to take out buildings it because I'd have to clear all the anti infantry units too, and since there's usually a lot of them, I like to use my infantry as decoys to hold other anti air/vehicle units back. Also, when it comes to the flak towers, missile squads have to get so close to take them out, so they'd be hard to keep alive, while the pitbulls can take them out from a distance.

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# 3Comp_Lex Apr 8 2012, 11:44 AM
Even without the bug the Firehawks don't always destroy the CY when it is placed at the back of the base. They just do a little bit more damage to it than before the patch. So it is always handy to have a Pitbull (or 2) and/or a Missile Squad (or 2) in your offense army.

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# 4methuselah Apr 8 2012, 19:43 PM
I don't know if repairing infantry is "cheaper" but infantry seems to be the least used component in the game offensively so if you can shift something to infantry effectively (effectively being the key) it will make your repair points last longer which is critical.

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