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Supreme Commander 2

General Strategies for Supreme Commander 2

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# 1ooohyeah5 Apr 8 2012, 18:38 PM
Hi, does anyone know a great strategy for SC2? I am not too good at the game and lose when I am online 70% of the time.

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# 2Baldrickk Apr 9 2012, 07:45 AM
There are lots of good strategies, they become great when they counter your opponent's strategy. So the best tip I can give you is to keep scouting and change your strategy based on what you see.

Or just land / air spam better ;p

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# 3HoT Ho11oW PoiNT Apr 10 2012, 01:41 AM
Arguably the best way to learn is to download and watch replays. Those involving MM players are probably your best resource at the moment. Pay extra close attention to what buildings they make early in the game, and in what order. Practice your build orders in an 'Infinite War' Skirmish game with no AI until you get used to what to build early game while keeping a close eye on your economy to make sure you do not run out of mass/energy.

Also, save and watch your own replays to see what you can do better, and what key actions on both your part and your opponents caused the outcome of the game.

The number one mistake I see new players make is building too many Energy Generators too early. For most initial Build Orders (BO for short) out of your first eight buildings 6 should be mexes and at least 2 should be factories (research can sub in for a factory on some maps). Buildings 9 and 10 should be your Energy Generators. I always try to run my starting (5000 i think) energy down to somewhere just below 500 before making any generators at all, in order to make sure my starting mass goes toward useful things like more mass and units/research (and since factories, mass extractors and point defense only cost ~500 energy you are at liberty to run your power down to that level, as those are the most expensive things you can buy early game, except research stations which are 750 energy). Again, practice your BO alone in a skirmish 'infinite war' multiple times until you get something that runs your power low without having to stall your war effort by waiting to build mass extractors or factories.

Holding shift while watching replays will bring up the orders that people have queued.

Watch Nephilim's guides to micromanaging after you have your macro game down. Then practice, practice, practice.

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# 4Mr.StealUrGurl Apr 28 2012, 21:32 PM
I must say, Hot has the right idea for new players.

Hell, I still download the MM replays and use them, with great success.
Be careful not follow build orders too rigidity, though.
I lost using an awesome build from the MM replays, because I followed EXACTLY what was done, rather than changing as the situation needs.
Learn the build orders, then learn how to scout, and learn to counter what you see.
: )

Best of luck to you!

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# 5bambambam57 May 5 2012, 23:09 PM
One thing I should have told you before; what is the best strategic way of winning from the illuminate faction?

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# 6bambambam57 May 5 2012, 23:12 PM
By the way, I am the starter of this page, it's just that my account outdated.

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