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Sign in problems

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# 1Sebu91 Apr 8 2012, 21:39 PM
My friend and I were trying to play each online, but neither of us could connect to Relic Online. We're sitting next to each other in the same room, and we both have a functioning internet connection. Whenever we start up the game, despite being connected to the internet, the game asks us to insert the game disk. Once we've done this, the game says it's validating media. It then brings up the log in page, and we log into our accounts. Then the game moves to the main menu, but in the top right corner the little light that tells you if you're connected stays red. Does anybody know why this is happening? Is it happening to anybody else? Are Relic having problems with their servers?

Did we maybe get banned? We've played only each other for the past 10-ish games. Is that not cool for online play? Would the game tell us if we were banned? Is there an webpage where we can check our account status?

Thanks for all your help.



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# 2Leftenant Apr 8 2012, 21:46 PM
Am having the same problem mate,i think perhaps the server is down for a couple of hours.

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# 3djw2104 Apr 9 2012, 13:02 PM
There were technical issues with the server last night. I too, was unable to log-in., plus if you have problems with relic online (logging on issues with the game), please report them in this forum using the link attached below



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