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Code [Dota 2 Weekly] #5 (April 16th)

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# 1Bazeleel Apr 12 2012, 01:44 AM
All Tournaments run on Eastern Standard Time(or Eastern Daylight Time). This LINK is to help teams figure out the correct time. Neither the staff or sponsors of Dota 2 Weekly are responsible for your team being late, not showing up on time, but if you have questions please message the staff.

The game will be created by the tournament admin. Each team captain will be whispered the password and they will give it out to there team. DO NOT GIVE OUT THE PASSWORD TO ANYONE BUT YOUR TEAM. All Team Captains are required to connect to the dota2 room 泥irtNapGaming
How to Sign-Up:
1: Create a account by clicking this LINK
2: Once you have your account create your team using this LINK (it is recommended to add your team members)
3: After you have your team created follow this LINK and click the "sign my team up" button. Select the team you wish sign up with and your done.
Check-In Instructions:
All Teams are to show up at 7:50pm EDT and will simply click the "check-in" button.
Once you have a account join this group: http://www.z33k.com/groups/dota2weekly and you will be able to join each week and be notified about upcoming events!
-Event Info-

Time: April 16th, 8pm EDT

Round 1 will be Single Elimination
Semi-Finals will be Best of 3
Final will be Best of 3

Prize: TBA

Staff: Bazeleel, Toneeh, Shynee
Rules are subject to change at any time! We are still trying to perfect them. Thank you for your understanding.
By signing up your team you are agree to the rules below. Please read and follow them.

1: No Spectators!! Only the casters, players, and, tournament admin are allowed to be in game.

2: Any team not checked in by 8pm EDT will have a 10 minute grace period. Once 8:10pm EDT passes they will be DQ弾d.

3: If you do not have a team we will do out best to place you in the correct tier.

4: Teams will be as evenly matched up as possible.

5: Any obvious hacking will result in a Perma-ban as well as a report to valve and all other dota tournament sites.

6: We understand that this is a competitive game and that emotions run high during game play. Please keep it professional and have fun. Any form of trolling, flaming, or BMing will result in punishment chosen by the Tournament Staff.

7: All games will be played in Captains Mode.

8: If the game end suddenly due to lag, bugs, or crashes the game will be remade in All Pick mode with the same heros as before.

9: If a player Disconnects the game will be paused until the player has reconnected.

10: If the same player Disconnects 3 times in 1 game the player will be asked to step out till they are able to fix the problem. If this happens the next set of teams will be asked to play. Once the player has confirmed that they have fixed the the issue the matches between the 2 teams will resume. The same heros MUST be used. If said team is in the finals they will be given a 10 minute break to fix the issue and then they will be asked to either replace the team member and they must use the heros they picked for first game they started.

11: Everyone will connect to the dota2 room 泥irtNapGaming. This is to make it easier for the admin to throw out invites.

12: The Default server will on US East. All games will be played on US EST, unless both team agree otherwise.

13: Pausing will only be used to allow a player to reconnect. This means no 登h hang on I have to walk my dog or 徹ne sec I need to make some food.

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