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Dawn of War 2

How to properly play on Angel Gate?

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# 1@$$ M0nk3y Apr 14 2012, 06:11 AM
Hi guys. I play with two other friends and we normally can deal with most builds/maps.

However, we seem to be cursed on Angel Gate. I'm sure that, despite making bad decisions in game, we are not playing the map properly. Usually we send two down the bottom, secure the power and then move off to bash the opposition power on the top and then far right of the map.

Any advice? I've attached a replay as an example of us playing this way, but losing.


Also, forgive my/our play for being spammy.

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# 2Nuclear Arbitor Apr 14 2012, 07:14 AM
the bottom is really not important on that map, it's the middle, in a sort of triangle between the three VPs but also the two powers in the middle. the bottom isn't worth putting a lot of effort into, it's easy to retreat from and to get back to quickly and there's just two hard to hold power nodes down there. don't ignore those two bottom nodes but don't spend a huge amount of effort holding them, especially when you have that way out of the way natural node in the upper corner. be careful with the garrisons on that map though, some of them have doors facing bad directions.

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# 3Thunderhost Apr 14 2012, 11:04 AM
+1 to Nuclear's post

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# 4Toilailee Apr 14 2012, 18:41 PM
As ig rush turret to bottom mid with ur first 5 power and proceed to fast tech 2+ manticores LOL. Example of just how competitive and balanced 3v3 is.

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# 5Nuclear Arbitor Apr 14 2012, 20:12 PM
yeah, or you can double turret in the same place and completely stone wall non WL

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# 6Waylander0719 Apr 18 2012, 13:53 PM
Step 1 Play warlock
Step 2 Tell your team mates to get fast/alot of av *this is VERY important as you will have none, and the enemy WILL spam vehicles(or loose to your rangers cause they have an all inf army)*
Step 3 be the bottom guy
Step 4 have your team mates double top, your only job early game is to make sure the other team doesnt have a "farm" of gens south, get immolate if pc/tm build turret, kill turret
Step 5 Build a ranger
Step 6 build 3-5 more rangers (pathfinder upgrades as you get the chance)
Step 7 fast tech to a dcanon or kit your WL out with etheral slash, providence armor and warp throw
Step 9 get an avatar

This has netted me a win in about 90% of angel gate matches.

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# 7Arbit Apr 20 2012, 21:07 PM
IME it's better to simply deny possession of the bottom rather than occupy it and build up the nodes. If you try that, they'll double the top, take the top VP (keeping the natural VP is easy) and burn your two natural nodes. The second you move up to fend them off/counter gen bash, it's too easy for them to slip a gen basher to the bottom and burn all ~800 req worth of gens and nodes. The close proximity of the HQs makes it hard to fend off unless you turret it up... which is also an effective strategy if your team is coordinated enough to protect the turrets. Losing ~800 worth of gens and 2+ turrets = game over

Also, building abuse. Switch commanders if necessary.

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