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# 1iNvaDeR Apr 17 2012, 16:49 PM
Hey guys,
I know some of you play mw3 so just dropping by to say we have made a Modern Warfare 3 Forum on our clan portal here on GR. Also made a Super guide which pretty much has everything you need including list of all titles and emblems including requirements ect. Would be nice to see some more mw3 players around ! biggrin.gif maybe play some clan vs clan games tongue.gif

link to our forum

link to super guide


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# 2-HaTeR- Apr 20 2012, 11:09 AM
Whaaaaaaaaaaat? Still playing this crap??

Come on, guys. You should know by now that there's only one real ego shooter.

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# 3Locutus Apr 22 2012, 23:51 PM
Nonono Hater, you got it all wrong dude, BC2 is where it's at. biggrin.gif

Invader, check out the weapons guides and other content we wrote for MW3 when the section was still alive. It'll give you some good examples of content that brings traffic. Unfortunately, MW3 is more console based and they have little chance of survival on GR. Good luck though, we gave it a great shot but in the end MW3 never gained enough traffic to keep it alive.

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