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What is the problem with my strategy ?

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# 21Kwinno Apr 28 2012, 09:06 AM
QUOTE(Abraham Lincoln @ Apr 28 2012, 00:43 AM) *

Hey, one thing I haven't seen mentioned is that the PE relies pretty heavily on the kettenkrad during the early game. A fast jeep can harass the ketts ad nauseum and every once a while you'll catch a player sleeping and kill his kett.

Doing this sets a PE player back significantly.

Don't forget to drop mines at commonly used map points.

So as the others have said, harass with your rifles and hunt the kitty with your jeep. You can actually hear it in the fog of war, so you'll know exactly where its at most of the time.

Oh, my first rifle upgrade is usually 'nades. PG's seem to just explode if a 'nade lands anywhere near them.

Hope that helps.

Nades first against PE is even more of a gamble than it is against Wehrmacht. Using nades, you rely at first on the surprise factor, and then on your opponent's micro. Teching to nades costs 40 fuel, which makes your M8 come out way later than it should. ACs will have free reign for at least another full minute, which will cost you map control. This in turn leaves PE more than enough time to tech to counter your M8.

Besides, G43 spam being rather common this patch, he can simply suppress your rifles before they can even get a nade off.

The absolute safest thing to do is to do the PE-dance. Go where he is not, cap what he lets you. Choose your fights wisely and retreat timely. If you need to bleed a little manpower to solidify your position elsewhere on the map (a part of the map with more resources, preferably) then by all means do so.

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# 22Abraham Lincoln Apr 28 2012, 13:35 PM
I agree that your priorities against the PE should be to harass and get your M8 out.

I also didn't advocate getting 'nades at the expense of your M8. You get them when you can, and in my opinion a better choice than stickies or BARS. Stickies being unable to handle a kiting AC and sheer suicide against a PZ4. BARS being a considerable fuel+manpower investment.

Besides, G43 spam being rather common this patch, he can simply suppress your rifles before they can even get a nade off.

But 'Nades are like lottery tickets. You hit big with one and its all over for the PE. In my experience, its been the case that while my rifles are harassing I eventually run into a situation where there a few engagements happening at once. If your opponent mis micros a little bit its KaBoOm for his PGs. Not to mention super handy for flanking.

I disagree with the "simplicity" of suppressing your rifles. That'll happen if its blob on blob.

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