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# 21Grizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Apr 23 2012, 12:53 PM
QUOTE(DucK™ @ Apr 22 2012, 20:45 PM) *

So basically, it's only viable in low/mid elo premades? That doesn't sound very situational at all tongue.gif. I sound negative, but I do actually like Soraka in mid,it's hella fun! But I don't see it being that viable, unless you have a hardcore carry up top to compensate aswell.

well the lulu + soraka strategy worked in the dignitas vs CLG situation.

but it's just a gimmick, it hadn't really been seen before and once it's been seen people know what you're up to and quickly adapt to counter it. Same with the heavy bruiser comps, or all AoE comps we've seen in the past.

They appear, own the game, then fade into squat as people learn how to handle it. What I was trying to get at is that it's a safer bet to rely on capability & skill rather than shock tactics.

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# 22HuggleB Apr 23 2012, 13:51 PM
QUOTE(Celaran @ Apr 23 2012, 06:55 AM) *

Get Soraka(Flash Heal) + Carry Kayle on bottom(Cleanse - Flash)

Go lvl 1 fight. no one outdamages kayle @lvl 1.( from carries perspective)

Farm till 7, before you won't get any kills, but due to your mega heal spam + slow + invul + cleanse they need 4 people to kill you.

tell soraka to go Wota.

spam em, deny em. win lane - win game.

This is sorta what i mean. Soraka means that the carry can farm very safely and she gives them the ability to ignore their mana pool. I feel that it is hard to counter soraka properly bot lane, but i think that she can be countered far easier mid.

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# 23Feanor Apr 23 2012, 17:46 PM
but i think that she can be countered far easier mid.

E then Q, heal up with W if necessary. Without good ganks (which are hard in mid), getting a Soraka out of your lane is pretty hard.

I agree that she is one of the better bot lanes, but going mid as her is really fun and not that bad.

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# 24Celaran Apr 23 2012, 18:05 PM
Mid Soraka is broken if you let her farm.

I had most succes with (on support) aegis, cdr boots, spirit visage, wota, dcap, rylais.

i have cdr / lvl mastery + cdr lvl runes = 30 % with ionian

on mid, i would go revolver->rylais if u dont run exhaust else roa - deathfire - wota- dcap - GA/void/abyssal

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# 25HuggleB Apr 23 2012, 19:55 PM
Support is pretty much the same for every one. Boots, gold pr 5 items, wards, and some supportive items.

In mid lane she is only broken in the laning, she do not grow that much stronger if she gets the farm. The problem is when your AP mid don't get shit because he is stomped at. (still think she is better bot, and can be countered easily enough)

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# 26Celaran Apr 23 2012, 21:25 PM
its not about her being soooo nukey, its more about ever tried to kill 3x heal tanky ap soraka ? requieres sth like 3+ ults - and u HAVE to kill her, else shes gonna sustain your enemies so hard you won't get 1 kill in a fight. (yeah, as support too, but her heals get sooo much stronger ) you just play "tank" and run in spamming q.

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# 27trucky May 7 2012, 02:29 AM
it... counters... ahri...........

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# 28CrossOvver Aug 5 2012, 13:11 PM
QUOTE(Feanor @ Apr 20 2012, 10:31 AM) *

Yes AP Soraka mid, it's a fucking terror so you better pack your stuff and leave when facing one!

Boots 3x hp pots, get some Doran's Ring or a Catalyst, Rod of Ages or Deathcap, then whatever you want as long as it provides AP (Rylai's, Will of the Ancients, Abyssal Scepter, Archangel's).

Max Q and E/W (W if you are getting harassed a lot or you face some AD'ish champion like Talon). Silence into Starfall for some heavy damage. Mana management you say? Q costs 40 mana max, your E is free and you don't need that much sustain.

For runes I run MPen Marks, mana regen Seals (might switch to /lvl), flat Magic Resist glyphs (no damage will be dealt to you!), 2x AP quint and 1x MS quint.

This works really good, you can outpush anybody, you can't get killed if you have a blue buff and you can snatch some easy assists with your ultimate.

You only have to be careful for ganks, you are squishy, vulnerable to physical damage and slow!
Yay or nay?

I dont use her for support anymore. I usually use her to counter other supporters or Top/Mid. My Runes are:
  • 3x Quints
  • 9x Greater Mark of Potency
  • 9x Greater Seal of Resiliance
  • 9x Greater Glyph of Shielding
inwhich this puts me right at:
- 24 Mag Resist@Lvl 18
- 20 Ability Power
- 13 Armor

I have armor because I can take alittle more damage then just a regular Soraka. However, many ppl have different builds. This build works for me and honestly it hasnt let me down yet.

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