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# 1Schmieds Apr 21 2012, 15:33 PM
After a substantial delay due to personal issues, Czone has finally finished counting votes! The winners are in, the prizes are being sent as we speak and it is time to announce them and give them their deserved glory!

First though, I, Czone, would like to sincerely thank everyone who has entered the contest and has voted. I need to apologize for the delays, but am still happy that the contest succeeded in getting some people casting!

Now it is time to announce our winners. In the voting, only two people were voted for. The third prize will therefore not be given away, but we are still proud to declare the winner and runner up!
The first place is going to go to Rapidtransit! This excellent commentator has shown that he can cast consistently with different cocasters and solo.The second place has been obtained by Regards! This professional radioman has some great play-by-play commentary with a voice that made some of our staffmembers squeal in pleasure.Thanks again to all who participated, by casting, voting, or playing for making this possible!

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