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New to the forums/ shoutcaster wannabe

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# 150calbarrett Apr 22 2012, 14:55 PM
Hi guys!

Thought I'd finally introduce myself! I've been dabbling with COH since it first came out, but like many at the time mostly with single player. 9 months ago a good friend introduced me to the multiplayer and wow, I'm hooked! I didn't realise how amazing this game was until I started playing against other humans! Only now am I starting to claw my way up the 1v1 ladder. Slowly.

The thing I love most about the game though is the community. I am amazed that after nearly 6 years there is such an active meta game. The Sunday Night Fights, Live Streams, Commentaries, Analysis. It is astounding that so much goes on outside the game and there is where my real interest lies. I would love to begin commentating replays, maybe one day shoutcasting. I have a background in radio and have commentated before so I am familiar with the medium, however I am a wee bit uncertain of, I guess, the "etiquette" for going about it in these forums. I have read the thread on shoutcasting a few times and understand that anyone can contribute. Is it OK to post a commentary on any of the replays which have been uploaded? What if someone has already done a commentary?

Anyway, I have some buddies who also play and are keen to chip in with me, and as we were at university together for 5 years we have some pretty decent banter, so I hope we can start generating some decent content sometime soon!

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# 2djw2104 Apr 22 2012, 19:15 PM
Hi and welcome to the community. Unfortunately I am unable to answer your question regarding shout-casting; but I believe I have seen more than one replay in the Vod/Shoutcast section that has been uploaded with commentaries by different members.

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# 3Tommy. Apr 23 2012, 07:14 AM
Hi there, welcome to GR. To answer your questions re shoutcasting....
- Of course, anbody can contribute. The bare minimum you need is Audacity to make an mp3 recording, but Youtube video casts are the norm nowadays.
- You are absolutely fine to post a shoutcast of any game that you wish- although it is *generally* not done to cast a game that another caster had reserved, or posted, or was casted as part of a tournament/SNF/livecast etc
- Send me a PM if you want any help with anything shoutcast related, otherwise have fun!

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# 450calbarrett Apr 23 2012, 10:21 AM
Thanks for the reply's guys! I use audacity for all manner of things so ill probably avoid youtube, at least for now. Guess ill start small and work my way up from there!

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# 550calbarrett May 17 2012, 14:44 PM
Have posted my first shoutcast, feel it went pretty well although I definately need a new mic. Going to stick to my strengths and as such the shoutcasts shall be refered to as Thirsty Thursdays.

Thirsty Thursday Ep 1

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