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Battle for Middle Earth

Gon/Fod vs 2 Fol - creeping?

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# 1Felixanius Apr 24 2012, 19:01 PM
On Ano map: Gon/Fod vs 2 Fols

Do you always creep in this mu, no matter wether ur mate is Isen or Mordor?

Do you go straight to creep or u get back/front farm with soldiers first? I think its pretty risky going for farm first but it can work and then ur eco is much better...

I like to creep in these mu, just wanted to hear if the pros do it aswell.

E: do you always use chant/eye then? I like to chant uruks and soldiers and creep with soldiers and defend with uruks, but what about eye? (what if opponents are 2 gon and u chose eye?..)

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# 2Lianta Apr 28 2012, 21:51 PM
I normally always do that vs 2 Fol's. If they where Double Gondor, we just rush their farms. Its too rare, but sometimes i do a very risky start, i get land (if im gondor) and later than creep the first warg layer, i use land in the seccond to creep. But i dont advise it.

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