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from 9 to 10 is the skill lvl higher ?

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# 1I3lazzer Apr 25 2012, 17:07 PM
i hae a big problem i feel the different now about the lvls i try to be better but i cant ><

after every match i go inside myself and analyse my game i know i do a lot of mistakes but the problem is no one can explain me what are my mistakes and what can i do much better.

it would be enough if anyone could watch the replay and tell me something about it


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# 2LeadCuresCancer Apr 26 2012, 08:40 AM
I should have time to go over one replay some time this Saturday, if someone else gets to it before I do then that's great too. If you have a mic then we might be able to do the review in real time, if this is the case then send me a friend request on ihascandygetintehvan or clockw0rksautomat0n and a pm with the time you are free and the GMT zone you are in.

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# 3I3lazzer Apr 26 2012, 14:34 PM
ok tbh you can be international i have really crappy work hours and i got time for every area zone of the world biggrin.gif

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# 4LeadCuresCancer May 1 2012, 06:45 AM

Well since I didn't see you in the time that I was online this weekend I reviewed your replay and took a couple of notes about it.

First off, there are some general things that I noted several times in the replay...

General Tips
1. Idle units: from time to time you have units which are either idle in your base or idle on the field. If they are in the base you should try to reinforce them and use them right away.
2. Unit preservation:
i)) Don't cap under fire: as a rule of thumb fight first, cap later.
ii)) Retreat faster: don't just let a squad remain suppressed and under fire if you don't have anything to help them. There were a couple of times that you just had a squad being suppressed or out numbered and you need to consider the situation that your squads are in and retreat if they are unfavourable.
3. Blobbing: you were not terrible for this but there were a couple of times that more than one squad got suppressed by one MG. Always single select squads and move them about individually.
4. Value your munitions more: poor munition usage has been the downfall of me in many games. Try to have a high munitions income and use all that you have especially early in the game.
5. You go in piecemeal: try to focus on one specific part of the map and use all of your forces to push your opponent off. I generally focus on one MG at a time when I am against WM and all of my squads focus on the flank.

Ok, into the meat of the review.

Early Game
1. Your capping order is awkward and you go for the strat point first. If you are doing strat that involves more than 2 engis as you are doing you should be focusing on munitions so that you can get quick flamers. In fact I noticed that you actually avoided capping munitions and the high points for quite some time. You should try to cap the +10s and +16s preferentially to +5 points in general and never skip them. If you want to see a capping order on this map and others for multi-engi starts check out IPFK's replay pack.
2. You only build 3 engineers instead of 4. If you are doing a multi engi start you should get 4 engis because if you only build three you will be floating about 100 MP by the time that your 3rd engineer has finished your barracks which will leave you down on potential capping power that you could have had in the early game.
3. We see an idle engi in the base and in fact most of your units later in this game are engineers. I think that part of the reason is because you have neglected your munitions at the start of the game and haven't been able to up grade them to flamers.
4. You lose a rifle squad which could have easily been altered by observing #2 in the general tips above. In general listen for the screams of dying riflemen and see whether you need to retreat them.
5. You build a 5th rifle to replace the rifle squad that you lost. If you are doing a multi engi start you can normally get away with 3 rifles so that you can tech quicker.

Mid Game
1. You have had very low munitions income for most of the game and so now you only have ~100 munitions which is just barely enough to upgrade your M8. I didn't notice you plant a single mine or get a single flamer. Once again a better capping order will help here.
2. I believe that you have hit a few mines and that you have also seen your opponent in the act of laying mines (when you see pioneers all stacked on top of each other in a bundle they are laying mines/have just laid mines). When you hit your first mine make a note to get a minesweeper especially if you have just gotten your M8.
3. You lost your M8. Now would seem to be a good time to go on a little rant about...

M8 Micro:
i)) Think where your opponent would send their Pak (the middle of the map) and avoid these areas. The flanks are generally the safest areas for your M8 to go.
ii)) Build a minesweeper. If you have seen your opponent placing mines then you should take along a minesweeper so that you can keep your M8 safe. Alternatively you could just keep a few engis around with your M8 to repair it if it hits a mine.
iii)) Use your other squads to find the Pak gun. Try to find the Pak and then drop arty on it or flank it with your M8. Once this thing is dead your M8 should be more or less uncontested (unless he has another or a shrecked Gren squad).
iv)) Harass his base. The wonderful thing about an M8 is that it cannot be suppressed by the base MGs. A tactic that I use is to place my M8 in my opponent's base and then flank with the rest of my squads. If you happen to force some of his squads to retreat (focus fire helps) then you can eliminate these squads with your M8.

4. BARs. Getting BARs in a normal game might be useful but in this game I would suggest going for a sniper or two, even a mortar. Now why is this better in your case? Your opponent is playing with mostly support units and has gotten vet 2 on them. Since they have vet 2 they take less damage from small arms fire (BARs included) but have increased received accuracy against snipers (they will always kill, even on retreat).
5. When you do eventually get a sniper you need to make a concentrated push with it. Have your sniper protected by your rifles and use your rifles to scout for your sniper. This would have made a countersnipe more difficult for your opponent to pull off. There are a number of other things that I could say about snipers but I feel that this review is approaching critical mass so I will avoid that subject for now.

Late(ish) Game
1. You need VPs. While I can see that you saw this too you focused on the wrong VP. It would have been easier to cap the right VP. In a situation where your opponent has all the VPs and you need one to survive try to think of where all the action has been happening and avoid that area.
2. You see a StuG. Get stickies and an ATG. I can't remember what doctrine you went but getting Airbourne or Rangers would have likely been a good idea as well.
3. Stick with it too the end. While things were looking sorta grim at the time that you dropped that game was far from over. You must believe that you can win before you can win.

Summary: I think that the biggest problem in your game was the slow acquisition of munitions and your lack of use of munitions. Consider a different capping order and get a 4th engineer so enhance your early capping power. Later in the game watch your M8 micro and try to perform concentrated pushes with the entirety of your army and support your snipers. Lastly you must be persistent and stick with it until the bitter end. Quite often if you keep your cool and play normally your opponent will start to lose his cool and start to make mistakes, there are many players who have a decent early game and no late game to speak of.

Hope this helps, sorry I couldn't meet with you this last weekend. Post some more replays here if you want them reviewed.

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