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CoH2 Dev Video Interview

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# 1Basilone™ May 22 2012, 16:43 PM
Today PCGamer uploaded a YouTube video interview with Relic Developer, Jacen Torres.

That's not all, Marcus2389 stumbled upon a written review from Hirmetrium on RelicNews! Hirmetrium was invited to a preview of THQ's upcoming games, and got to see Company of Heroes 2 first hand.

They are doing their homework, their research, and they are pulling out all the stops. The development team actually took a trip to Germany and Russia to look at historical exhibits and even the places where fighting took place. They went to some of the biggest battlefields.
During this, they decided they wanted to have more authenticity in the game – and started to record weapon sounds. They rode half-tracks.

This, leads up to one of the areas Relic hope to improve the most (on what was already a very impressive accomplishment) – sound. Relic went out and recorded an MG42. They experienced it first hand, and have done so with other weapons. We we’re treated to a recording of the original COH MG42, followed by a real MG42. It was terrifying, and amazing all at once. Relic placed microphones carefully to catch the reverb of the gunfire, and it paid off.

They also talked to the war experts and saw all the weapons they put in the game, and again their strategy was reiterated. They want to focus on the frontline, the soldiers, not the leaders and strategy of the war.

He also outlined many of the gameplay elements from the demo:

  • Mortars have been made RIDICULOUS. The explosive effects and sounds we’re shocking to the system, and looked amazing.
  • Vaulting was shown off – already well covered – you click on a bit of wall and the men jump over. Squad AI did seem a LITTLE touch and go here, but they seem to be able to jump over them pretty well.
  • Soviet MG is on wheels, has a largish squad (4-5?).
  • Pak’s also have a visual upgrade – I didn’t see the shell travel, but the explosive effect of it against the tank armour was impressive.
  • They have redoubled all efforts on AI – they know that a majority of players play vs. the computer, and want to recognise that. They also want the campaign AI to be decent, for the best possible experience. We saw some AI german soldiers flank a soviet MG, and proceed to miss (narrowly) with a grenade.
  • They wanted tanks to feel like “30 ton diesel snorting monsters”. Best line of the presentation.
  • Campaign is purely Russian. Germans are obviously in for MP.
  • Base building is in. I was told “this isn’t going to be like DOW2, we want to recreate the experience of the original”. I’d say that bodes pretty well.
  • The demo closed with a german plane blowing a T34 sky high.

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# 2Doomlord52 May 22 2012, 18:46 PM
Better sounds, German planes, better explosions, better graphics..... drol.gif

CoH2 is going to be amazing. Can not wait.

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# 3vicemacdaddy May 22 2012, 22:26 PM


A dude from the site rock paper shotgun called Adam smith was at the demo.
article here Rock paper shotgun

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# 4kasigor May 23 2012, 00:08 AM

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# 5Basilone™ May 23 2012, 19:30 PM
I heard some light vehicles are possible to be decrewed with flamethrowers...Seems like there will be more of an emphasis on proper tactical infantry decisions and less about attack-moving with T3 units smile.gif

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