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Battle for Middle Earth

Xeha and Rei (Isengard, Mordor) vs chyna + Dexter (Rohan, Gondor)

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# 1Anarchy Jan 22 2013, 00:53 AM
The classic battle between good and evil sets the stage for an epic fight. Xehanort's Isengard and ReiCasca's Mordor meet chyna's Rohan and _Dexter_'s Gondor for the best match in recent history. You will see a very fast paced game with action everywhere. This replay is definitely the posterboy for every Forces of Light player who struggles against the Forces of Dark. A big mobile army fights an immobile but nearly invincible, leadership stacked army which is forced to chase the Forces of Light around the map. The classic encounter of cat and mouse. Who will win this time?

Enjoy our newest addition to the video section!
Commentary by feary for GameReplays.org

Check it out here!

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# 2Amateur`Hour Jan 22 2013, 07:26 AM
Nice cast Feary smile.gif

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# 3Lianta Jan 22 2013, 11:40 AM
Nice cast!

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# 4ReiCasca Jan 22 2013, 14:50 PM
Good one Feary!

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# 5feary Jan 22 2013, 19:54 PM
thanks guys, I'm happy that you like it.

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# 6tybalt33 Feb 25 2013, 20:00 PM
GG smile.gif Thanks for posting and casting.

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