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Gentool compatibility issuses with windows 8! Really bad

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# 1Hamster Apr 3 2013, 18:18 PM
Hey, somebody knows if gentool is compatibilied with windows 8?? Because I just noticed something...

This is with windows 8:
When I launch the game normally from the icon and playing a game it doesn't lag! Even with gentool 6.2!
When I launch the game from gameranger it doesn't go automaitcally with any gentool version into the LAN lobby + it lags extermly bad.

When I had windows 7 I played with gentool version 5.4 and it worked without any lag in gameranger but when switched to windows 8 it suddenly doesn't go automatically into LAN room and also lags extremley bad only with gentool.

My friend Sparta also probably has windows 8 and everytime he plays with gentool it lags sooooooo bad because of him in gameranger.. not internet lag but PC lag. when he un-installed gentool everything was so smooth.

I always been wondering why it lags but it probably was because of windows 8 and gameranger.
Maybe add support to windows 8 or it's already added?

Look at the results:

This is with gentool version 5.4 when launch the game normally from the ICON and inside LAN HAMACHI:
2013-04-03 20:39:08 - game
Frames: 3474 - Time: 60000ms - Avg: 57.900 - Min: 32 - Max: 62

This is the results when I launch the game from gameranger and try to play, Just look at the Frames!!: USED GENTOOL 5.4
2013-04-03 21:09:00 - game
Frames: 1428 - Time: 60000ms - Avg: 23.800 - Min: 13 - Max: 36

Try installing windows 8 and playing with gentool in gameranger.. somebody has Windows 8 and he plays in gameranger + Gentool?

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# 2xezon Apr 5 2013, 07:18 AM
Your test results indicate a gameranger win8 issue. I would not recommend win8 for generals anyway.

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