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Dawn of War 2

The Propaganda Cast Comes to DoW 2!

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# 1Paranoid Kamikaze Oct 4 2014, 04:43 AM
Imperial Dane has decided to do a bit of a change up from his regular CoH 2 casts and has started casting DoW 2. He will still be mainly casting CoH 2, but will be adding in some DoW 2 casts from time to time. The main thing for him though is that he needs replays if he is to do any casting so send any replays you have to "Propagandacaster@Gmail.com".

Would like to mention that if you are to send a replay in to be casted that you don't upload the replay until after they have casted so that it doesn't get casted by another caster. Also, don't forget to send replays to the other DoW 2 casters as well:
  • Red Rupee: RedRupee20@gmail.com
  • Indrid: indrid@dowreplays.net
  • Maestro Cretella: maestrocasts@gmail.com

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