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Elite Mod Patch 2.3.1 H2

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# 1Paranoid Kamikaze Dec 4 2014, 04:25 AM
Like with any large patch, there are always bugs, so shortly after 2.3.1 we have two hotfix patches that came out just after release. You just need to download the second hotfix patch and it can be installed over any release 2.3.0 or later. You can download the patch here.

  • Brother-Captain's "WAtH!" now shares cooldown timer with improved "WAtH!"
  • Techmarine's Overcharge effect is now removed when switching weapons
  • Catachan Devils now start with 900 HP as intended
  • PC Plague Fist special changed from ability to weapon_knockback
  • GK Dread claw no longer deals more damage than intended
  • Strike Squad now deal correct ranged DPS - Strike Squad: 15 DPS piercing, Justicar: 16 DPS plasma
  • Purification can no longer target unconscious heroes
  • Fixed Slaughter infinite melee skill bug
  • Fixed Slaughter not reverting to default wargear when retreating
  • Slaughter now deals correct amount of ranged DPS
  • Painboy weapon family changed from power_melee to melee
  • Apothecary Advanced Healing no longer revives heroes
  • Plague Champion keen sight radius changed from 15 to 5
  • Warlock texture issues resolved
  • (6p) Estia Province updated
  • Fixed UI squad icon bug
Source: Dawn of War Codex

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