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Religious harassment - resolved

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# 1Super Power Jun 16 2015, 19:29 PM
hey guys I noticed that there is someone is playing with a nickname called ("Islam-Is-Shit",or "AntiMuslims") like that
and all his nicknames r the same

can't u do something for him?
cuz that rly hurts me as a muslim

thx all

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# 2Constable Chris Jun 16 2015, 19:38 PM
Link to his Revora account: http://forums.revora.net/user/109493-antimuslims/
His shatabrick:http://www.shatabrick.com/cco/ra3/index.php?g=kw&a=sp&name=Islam-Is-Shit''

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# 3ToxicShock Jul 17 2015, 15:34 PM
I have banned this account as a duplicate account of another member and continue to investigate further duplicates. There is no need to consider whether I ought to remove any of the nick names on the basis that they are an unacceptable religious insult.

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