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[BFME2] How to add Gollum/Ring Heroes to your maps

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# 1Rohara May 6 2006, 09:04 AM
You may or may not know that Gollum/Ring Heroes are not automatically enabled when you create a map in Worldbuilder. Its not something that the game will do by itself either, so you will have to add the proper scripting and spawn points for Gollum. This is very easy to do, here's how:

Step 1: Import Scripts

To start, you need to make sure you've got PlyrCreeps in your Player List. It should look something like this

Now let's download and import the script. Here is the script file (you will need to unzip it before you can import):

Attached File wb_gollum_enable.zip
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First, you must open the scripts window. Do that by clicking on this button.

Attached Image

Now click the PlyrCreeps folder (because that's where the imported script needs to go), then click the Import Scripts button. [see illustration] It will then prompt you to find the scripts file. Find the file you downloaded and unzipped, it is called wb_gollum_enable.scb. Double-click on it. If you get a popup complaining about the size of the map, just click OK, as it will not hurt your map. Now you will see it has imported the script, and there's a new folder called [ns A]SkirmishGollum_Spawn under your PlyrCreeps folder. If you hosed up and imported it into the wrong folder, just click on it and drag it to your PlyrCreeps folder.

Now click the OK button to save your changes to the map's scripts.

Step 2: Place Spawn Waypoints

Now you need to place some waypoints where you want Gollum to spawn. You can place these anywhere you want on the map, but you shouldn't place them too close to any players' starting position. Click the Waypoints tool:

Attached Image

Now click on the map where you want to place a spawn point. You will now see a Waypoint Options window, and you need to rename your waypoint here. Type in SpawnPoint_SkirmishGollum_1 in the first field, as shown here. You should now see the waypoint with its proper name on the map. Repeat this step until you have placed 8 spawn points, each ending in the proper number (SpawnPoint_SkirmishGollum_1, SpawnPoint_SkirmishGollum_2, SpawnPoint_SkirmishGollum_3, etc).

That's it!

You do not have to use exactly 8 spawn points. If you want to use more/less spawn points, just go into the scripts window and add/remove any references to spawn points you will/won't be creating.

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# 2LongbottomLeaf May 9 2006, 03:31 AM
Thanks! This is basically how I've been adding Gollum to maps!

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# 3StormBorn Sep 19 2014, 13:02 PM
I have added him into the scripts. but yet he doesn't spawn in my map ;(

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