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NabsBasher - Disconnect - Valid

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# 1DistrioN Mar 17 2016, 15:16 PM
EvE on II he started rdm and destroyed my harvester with 4 bds. i sold mcv took his oil got tenguadvantage back killed 1 harvester of him and used my engi to cap his mb... after that he started flaming i sux and lucky noob then both went t2 for vx when i started to destroy his second mb he dc

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Attached File NabsBasher_DC.RA3Replay
Size: 173.49k
Number of downloads: 29
Player Name Side Team
Mystique_* 0
NabsBasher 0

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# 2ViperMkVII Mar 26 2016, 20:21 PM
The replay shows the exact thing you said, NabsBasher is clearly losing when DC happens.
Which means, whatever this DC is intentional or not, it results in a win for Mystique_ being not reported to Shatabrick. (According to Shatabrick Match History).

NabsBasher has 3 days to explain himself before we confirm this report as valid.

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# 3ViperMkVII Apr 10 2016, 10:59 AM
After more than 3 days of no response, this report has been marked as valid.
Thank you for reporting!

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Game: Red Alert 3


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