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DoW 3 Officially Announced

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# 1Paranoid Kamikaze May 3 2016, 22:52 PM
While there may have been a teaser trailer, it was never actually confirmed that it was Dawn of War 3 until today when Relic released their official announcement trailer. Well, one could argue that the way they made their teaser it had to have been DoW 3 otherwise there would have a riot around the scale of when the Canucks lost in the Stanley Cup finals... but it wasn't official! Moving on!

In the trailer you can see some of the units such as a Wraithknight, Imperial Knight and Gorkanaut. It is also shown that there will only be 3 factions: Space Marines led by Gabriel Angelos, Eldar led by Macha and Orks led by Gorgutz. As for the rocky pit with light coming out of it, it seems to be a major part of the story as all the bodies are gathered in it, which is usually used as power for things such as weapons or daemons in the 40k universe.

There has also been an article by PC Gamer with some info on DoW 3. You can read the full article at their site, but I'll list the main points down below:
  • Looks to merge DoW 1 and 2
  • Very colourful
  • Campaign moves between factions from mission to mission
  • The plot has something to do with a powerful weapon
  • Larger battles
  • Graphics have been done so it's easier to tell things apart
  • Base building from DoW 1 has returned
  • Space Marines can load their units into drop pods to transport them
  • There seems to be a mixture of tanky units to hold the lines with elite units that can break those lines
  • There are three elite slots that can be filled before the battle. Things like heroes and super units
  • Counter-pick selection possibility. Nothing confirmed
  • Elite units have abilities
  • Orbital Bombardment has gotten a change in that you can move the beam
  • Cover system has been changed to be more simple. Rather than two types of cover there is only one

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# 2Paranoid Kamikaze May 3 2016, 23:07 PM
The designers talk about Dawn of War 3 armies in terms of line and elite units. Line units deliver continuous damage and try not to die; elite units deliver decisive strikes. Certain combinations of elite units will suit rush strategies, others will be more powerful lategame options. For example, returning Space Marine hero Gabriel Angelos is a close combat master that gives you a lot of power right away, so you might want to give another slot to a late-game ranged monster like the Imperial Knight.

This scares me a bit. All units are lethal in DoW 2 and super units are just more lethal. The only 'hold the line' scenario in DoW 2 is a vanilla Scout squad trying to gen bash. Seems like they're toning the game down to accommodate base building being more of a focus.
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# 3Devizz May 4 2016, 00:51 AM
As long as it feels like the first Dawn of War, I will be beyond hapy.

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# 4Plokite_Wolf May 4 2016, 06:14 AM
•Base building from DoW 1 has returned


(will still wait official word from Relic though, but as we Croats say, where there is smoke, there is also fire wink.gif )

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# 5Xelenos May 4 2016, 12:19 PM
i hope we will finally got a competitive game oriented e-sport for this game and if not i'm still glad it is released no doubt it will be a great game i wait to see this come back to DoW 1

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# 6Campaigner May 5 2016, 06:28 AM
I'm skeptical. Dawn of War was great when it was released but Company of Heroes forever changed RTS for me. Building swarms of units lost its appeal for me when when I understood the retreatmechanics of CoH.

Changing the coversystem from two to one to make it more simple!? Looks bad!
Company of Heroes has three types and all are easy to understood if you play the tutorial!

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