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# 1Paranoid Kamikaze May 6 2016, 20:41 PM
While it may not be the multiplayer that people on this site will be looking forward to most, Relic has released some news on the single player portion to PC Gamer. They obviously couldn't give away the plot or anything like that so it's a bit limited to a rough idea of what you should expect in army management.

One very important change to the previous games is that the campaign will be changing from faction to faction. It won't be a Space Marine only campaign like it was for the original DoW 2 and Chaos Rising and it won't be the type of campaign where you can play it with whatever faction it is you like most like in Retribution. The main advantage of this type of campaign, besides allowing players to experience all three factions, is that the story can be told in the way the designer intended. An example of why this would be a good thing is in Retribution where, while you can play any faction you want, the campaign is the same for all of them. All levels are exactly the same with the only change being the dialogue coming out of the talking head in the corner of the screen. A single campaign isn't limited to a generic design in order to reduce the workload and the story can be much more rich because of that.

IPB Image
Goodbye hero selection screen

Another thing that they've made sure to do is to make it so the faction switching is pretty fast. Rather than mastering a faction and then being forced to be a newbie again with another faction, you play all factions from the beginning and they progress simultaneously. As for the progression, you will be unlocking more powerful units as well as elites for your army. Speaking of elites, Relic has let loose that their upgrades will only be enhancing what they already are and not changing the units role in any way. I guess that means you shouldn't be expecting a Warp Spider Exarch with powerblades or a Techmarine with a power axe. As for the abilities of those elites, they will be tied to levels rather than purchasable wargear.

For what we already know of the plot for the campaign, it's only been told that there is some mysterious weapon that everyone is fighting for. What people have found out though by looking up the quote 'There is a terrible darkness descending upon the galaxy, and we shall not see it ended in our lifetimes.' from the beginning of the announcement trailer is that it is a direct reference to the Necrons. Perhaps Relic intends to surprise us with a fourth race or maybe they just want to make a gigantic cliffhanger for the expansion. Only time will tell.

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