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# 1txc2004 Nov 2 2016, 21:15 PM
IPB Image

Prepare for a unique, nonstop action, from RA3 Invasion!!!

On this AI Mod you found the Commanders: Allied:Krauss - Soviet:Gideon - Japan:Ronin, which can have economic advantage up to 12 times! They like to make expand and can take the entire map if you let them! They are fearless and like to push from Land Air Sea from multiple locations, sending their forces forward, destroying everything on the way...

Your mission, if should you choose to accept it:

- Repel the incoming forces and expand your base...
- Find your way to enter and destroy the enemy base!

- Complete your mission with less start money on higher difficulty level at less time!

Good luck Commander...

RA3:Invasion Series

RA3:Invasion keep you non-stop under pressure, with clean brutal action. AI act based who you act!
RA3:InsaneInvasion is a modified version of RA3:Invasion and the building system is 80% faster, plus more energy and money, for more hardcore gameplay!
RA3:InvasionRaise is Exactly version of the RA3:Invasion, plus the Uprising Units!
RA3:InsaneInvasionRaise is Exactly version of the RA3:InsaneInvasion, plus the Uprising Units!

You can read more about the mod here:

You can read about how AI act, on article here:

You can download here:

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Game: Red Alert 3

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# 2txc2004 Apr 19 2017, 02:25 AM

RA3:Invasion v11x, it's Completed!


- I Revert the difficulties as it is on v11ii, with that way AI play more tactical and it is stronger...

- AI cannot use big number of money units teams, so i make some changes on Commander Invasion...

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Game: Red Alert 3


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